Guys: How to Prevent Shaving from Inflaming Your Acne

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Shaving is a chore for many of the male persuasion, but adding acne to the equation can make it into a horrible and daunting task. When you shave the wrong way with acne you can increase your acne levels while potentially causing a lot of pain and potentially permanent scarring to your face. The easiest way to make shaving with acne easier and safer is to use an electric razor or to get rid of your acne using an acne treatment such as SkinB5’s Acne Control skincare range. However, if you find yourself having to use a razor to shave acne prone skin, then try out these tips for getting the best possible shave whist avoiding inflaming your acne. Before you start shaving with a razor you want to get your face clean and warm. This increases the suppleness of the skin making it easier to shave whilst also preventing the spread of bacteria, which can increase your acne. The easiest way to wash your face is in the shower but if you do not shower before shaving you can also put a warm or hot towel on your face for a few minutes prior to shaving. Next you want to put on a gentle foaming facial cleanser that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This is going to cause the least irritation to your skin, which is key to minimising the impact of shaving your acne prone face. However, if you have to use a shaving cream, try to use something that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. With your chosen cleanser or cream place a good lump on your hand before applying to the skin to create a generous, thick layer to protect your skin as best as possible. Now it is time to start shaving. It is important that you use a razor that works well for you, but try to steer clear of anything with more than two blades, as these may irritate the skin. With your chosen razor in hand, move it across the skin with the grain of the hair (generally downwards except for the bottom of the neck) with confident strokes. Avoid shaving areas twice and if you do cut a pimple make sure you wash the razor immediately to prevent the spread of bacteria. Once you have finished shaving rinse off your skin with warm water and wash around your eyes, forehead and nose. Finally, decide whether you will grow a beard or be clean shaven, because generally, anything in between will increase the level of irritation that shaving will have on your acne. If you follow these steps you can minimise the irritation that shaving may otherwise have on your skin and could help prevent future issues for your acne.
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