How SkinB5’s Tablets and Caplets Work to Improve Your Skin from the Inside Out

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Improving your acne is going to involve more than just fixing the surface. Like eliminating weeds from your garden you need to start with the core of the problem – the roots, or in the case of acne, blocked pores. Working from the inside out is going to ensure you not only get rid of the acne you have now, but also to prevent future breakouts. That’s where Skin B5’s caplets and tablets come in. The tablets and caplets work to control and balance your skin’s oil, preventing further breakouts of acne and blackheads. Using Vitamin B5, the products work to tackle the problem before it reaches the surface of your skin.

The difference between oral products and topical products

Oral products (tablets and caplets) are recommended as the most effective treatment in controlling acne. While topical products such cleansers, moisturisers and masks cleanse, purify and repair the skin’s surface, oral products work to help balance hormones and oil production, to prevent acne at the source. We recommend taking tablets or caplets to address the cause of the issue, and using complimentary topical products to assist in eliminating acne and maintaining clean and healthy skin ongoing. To figure out whether tablets or caplets are best for you, consider the severity of your acne or skin condition, as well as your skin type to ensure the product you choose is effective and targeted to treat your skin condition.

Tablets – Stopping and Controlling Acne

SkinB5’s Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets are an ideal treatment for moderate to severe acne and oily skin. As the first step for new users, the tablets get your acne under control by balancing hormones. A potent dose of Vitamin B5 combined with Vitamin A and antioxidant nutrients gives these tablets the strength to control severe acne. All dosages remain well within the dosage guidelines recommended by naturopaths. Caplets – Maintaining Healthy Skin The Acne Control Caplets prevent breakouts and are designed to maintain acne free skin. With a standard dose of Vitamin B5, the caplets are not as potent as the tablets, suiting mild to moderate acne, as well as those with dry skin, blackheads and whiteheads. Caplets contain antioxidant nutrients and Vitex, an all-natural herb that helps to balance hormones for ongoing acne relief. Finding an acne cure can be a frustrating and at times laborious process, however if you aren’t using the right products for your skin type, this process is made even more difficult. Find out whether tablets or caplets are best suited to your skin type and condition, and tackle the problem head on by stopping acne before it appears!
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