How to Move On from Acne; Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

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For most, adolescence can be a traumatising experience. No one wants to be the kid with acne that others stare at, however at different stages in life most of us experience acne in one form or another. With the emergence of adult acne, some are finding that their high school horrors have yet to subside, but with the right products and the right mindset, moving on from acne is possible. For those sufferers of acne, who have tried and tested what seems like every cream, wash and tablet on the market and seen no results, listen up! Here’s a few tips to get acne out of your life once and for all! Ditch your current face wash. If the products you use to keep acne at bay include a soap-based solution or gel, chances are it isn’t right for your skin. Solutions that are gel-based or that bubble up like soap when you rub them in your hands aren’t going to keep acne at bay - in fact they’re likely to irritate the skin more! The substance in these washes creates a film over the face, which blocks pores and leads to trapped dirt and sebum within the skin, causing larger and potentially more frequent outbreaks. Chemical free is the way to be. There are plenty of strong chemical creams to fight off acne, but more often than not, these creams are doing you more harm than good. Harsh chemicals burn the skin and leave it vulnerable and sensitive to UV rays, and have the potential to scar your face worse than any pimple ever will. Chemicals found in many prescribed tablets can also leave you with heavy side effects, including depression, problems sleeping and birth defects as well as irregular menstrual cycles in women. Rather than relying on the run of the mill, chemical based acne products, try to use all natural products. These help to fight acne whilst boosting vitamin levels, reducing stress and promoting healthy skin from the inside out, naturally. Sometimes even after the horrors of the acne-ridden teenage years are over, many find they are left with scarring, which can be as much of a blow to confidence as acne is. Reduce the appearance of acne scars with natural oils such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argan oil. The anti-oxidant effect of the oils will help plump out skin and, over time, drastically reduce the appearance of scarring. You’re not alone. No matter what age or gender you are, there are others out there suffering from the same problems as you. You’re not an isolated case, and you’re certainly not inferior because of it. On an emotional level, acne can lead to huge self-confidence issues, no matter what age you are. The societal expectation to appear perfect and blemish-free can feel impossible to maintain, and can negatively impact your social life and mental health. Get the help you need. Find a doctor or dermatologist who can help you with your skin problems. Many GPs are more than happy to refer you to a dermatologist they know, and it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that someone is able help. Mentally, acne can lead to depression, anxiety, social issues and stress, which in turn can produce more acne. It can be a very vicious cycle. If you feel that you suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety due to your acne, you can find support through friends, family, or Beyond Blue, a nationally accredited foundation who raise awareness for and support those who suffer from depression and other related issues. Never feel as though your issue is “too small” to be dealt with. If it impacts your life negatively, it’s time to find ways move on, and do what’s right for you physically, mentally and emotionally.
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