Natural Remedies to Relieve Inflammation in Acne Prone Skin

Posted by Judy Cheung-Wood on

Sometimes acne can be frustratingly sore. Pimples on your back and face can make simple everyday activities like eating painful. Acne is a form of infection, which is what makes skin inflamed and tender. Bacteria, chemicals and even foods can cause infections and breakouts. There are commercial treatments for inflammation but they often use a range of chemicals that can have other side effects. However, several treatments exist that come straight from nature and work just as well, if not better! Aloe Vera is one of the best natural skin care products on the planet. It is filled with antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and even antiseptic agents so it is great at fighting infection. Not only does aloe fight infection but it also helps skin recover and repair, as it is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Aloe won’t cure your acne but it will improve the swelling, inflammation and redness. The best way to apply aloe is to simply break a leaf off an aloe bush and apply it directly to the lesions once a day. If you don’t have an aloe bush there are plenty products you can buy. However, it is important that you make sure that it is as natural as possible because some commercial products add colouring agents and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Regardless of which form of aloe you use, if you use it regularly it will help prevent future breakouts over time. Coconut oil is another wonderful natural acne fighting warrior that has been growing in popularity. One of the key reasons for its popularity is that it is filled with lauric acid, which was recently shown to be one of the most effective acne fighting agents available. Coconut oil is also a wonderful moisturiser that contains vitamin E and K, which are both skin replenishing heroes. In fact they are so good that they can help prevent scarring from severe acne. There are a number of pure coconut oil products that you can buy. It is best to go for the organic options if they are available. Applying coconut oil is easy but you have to make sure you don’t put too much on; otherwise it can make your skin overly oily. Try using just enough to massage it gently into your face without leaving too much residue.

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