How Kindness Improves the Skin

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Kindness is a personal choice. It’s something that can be easy for some of us but for others maybe a little more difficult. Kindness increases our happiness and well being, but while it’s easy to be kind to friends and family why can’t we be kinder to ourselves? Have you ever taken a moment to think about the way you talk to yourself? Many of my Clinical Hypnotherapy clients have deep-rooted self talk that is often the cause of their problems. Change the negative self talk, change the belief system; change your life! For those of us with skin problems these types of phrases may be familiar (more often than not with a few swear words added in!) “I’m so ugly” “I’m so stupid” “I hate my skin” “My skin is disgusting” “I hate looking at myself” You would never tell your friend that they are so ugly and their skin is disgusting…so why do we give ourselves such harsh, negative talk? Our brilliant minds give us whatever we tell them…so by telling your mind your skin is disgusting; your mind will tell your body to produce disgusting skin. Hmmm…. Of course, a healthy diet, SkinB5 skin care regime and supplements make a world of difference, but if you want to create gorgeous glowing skin quickly and permanently as well as improve your self esteem tenfold, then lets change the information you are sending to your sub-conscious mind. So try saying instead: “I’m amazing” “I’m brilliant at…” “I love my skin by using Skinb5” “My skin is improving in leaps and bounds” “I love to see the difference Skinb5 products are making when I look at myself” The more you say it, the more you believe it and if you believe it – it’s true J Venessa is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist & Health Coach. Venessa helps to clear stress and skin problems using amazingly effective techniques for the sub-conscious mind and day-to-day healthy living techniques such as using SkinB5 products.
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