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While it’s easy to fall in love and lust after a super fancy face cream with a price tag that rivals your weekly rent, sometimes, it’s the under-the-radar natural solutions that can really make a difference. This especially rings true if you suffer from adult acne, as many chemical-filled products can irritate an already sensitive and inflammation-prone complexion. But with an overload of information to sift through, it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best — trial and error can only further frustrate and irritate skin. But don’t give up! Here’s the lowdown on effective, low cost, natural alternatives, and what to swap out.


While a mechanical exfoliating brush may seem like the best route to go thanks to its glamourous reputation, the oscillating mechanism and bristles can be too harsh on delicate, acne-prone skin. Plus, if not cleaned or stored properly, the bristles can harbour bacteria, and potentially make breakouts worse. Another not-so-great aspect? Its $100+ price tag and hefty cost of replacement brushes every few months can break the bank. Instead, reach for a soft bamboo washcloth, or for a gentler buff, a natural sea sponge. The eco-friendly and all-natural sea sponge is both biodegradable and hypoallergenic and stays bacteria-and mould-free thanks to a naturally occurring enzyme. Soft and absorbent, these squishy sponges offer a luxurious lather and feel super cushy to use. If you require a bit of a deeper exfoliation, reach for a bamboo washcloth. Often found in an easy-to-use mitt format, simply slip it on, add a cleanser, and gently buff skin in circular motions in an upward direction to help further ease congestion. Packed with anti-bacterial properties, bamboo fibres stimulate circulation while soothing inflammation.


Using an oil cleanser on acne-prone skin may seem counter-intuitive, but it can actually be really beneficial if the right oil is used. Hydration, regardless of skin type, is essential — especially for blemished skin, which can easily get dehydrated when treating acne. The trick is choosing a non-cosmogenic (read: non- pore blocking and acne-causing) oil, like olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or even rosehip oil. Avoid richer, heavier oils like coconut oil, castor oil, wheat germ oil, and all essential oils Incorporating an oil into a healthy skincare routine in a beneficial way can be as simple as swapping out your standard makeup remover, often full of irritating chemicals, for a hydrating, soothing and super effective pick. To cleanse with oil, simply wet palms and face before massaging in the oil; the water will help it easily glide over skin. Immediately after, use a gentle cleanser to ensure every iota of makeup and oil are removed before moving onto the next step.


Eradicating dead skin cells on the surface to reveal a brighter, smoother, fresher complexion is a ritual that you should partake in two to three times a week. Currently, many trending and often unjustifiably expensive skincare products in this category use a strong acid to achieve a brightening result, but depending on the type and concentration of acid and formulation, they can either be too harsh, or not contain enough active ingredients to be an effective treatment. Reaching for a naturally acidic alternative, like strawberries, citrus, or even watermelon peel will help achieve the same brightening effect in a much gentler (and much less expensive!) and effective way.

An Ideal Skincare Routine for Extreme Entrepreneurs & Perfected Complexions

Regularly consuming alcohol to destress after hours promotes acne by disrupting your hormones and draining essential nutrients and water from your body. Often, extreme entrepreneurs can regularly skip meals due to their hectic schedules, which means not consuming enough of the right nutrients, too. Additionally, sweating during workouts coupled with encountering pollutants when adventuring outdoors also clogs pores and promotes bacterial activities on the skin. To combat this, begin by looking within: missing key nutrients can be a major contributor to ensuring adult acne is kept at bay, regardless of a breakneck-speed lifestyle or not. Vitamin B5 is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to battling breakouts, as it helps reduce sebum production, which creates bacterial overgrowth and causes blocked pores and congestion. Scientific evidence shows boosting vitamin B5 intake can decreased pore size and reduce acne, and since its easily destroyed by modern food processing and is water soluble, it’s imperative the vitamin is replenished with a supplement. Vitamin B5 also boost your energy level by promoting the conversion of food and nutrients into energy – gym junkies often use it to improve their stamina! Vitamin B5 is often used with other B vitamins to improve the body’s response to stress. Counteracting the stress response, it supports the adrenal glands in the making of cortisone and other adrenal hormones, assisting the body to cope during stressful times. SkinB5 is a powerful nutritional system that targets the underlying imbalances within your body that result in acne and breakouts. It features a potent dose of Vitamin B5 and other clinically proven skin-clearing nutrients include vitamin B3, folic acid, zinc, copper, biotin, and silica, which all aid in the treatment of acne and promote skin healing and cell renewal. Together, our patented supplement formulations balance hormones, normalise skin oil production, increase immunity, reduce stress and promote cell renewal, boosting your inner health and resulting in clear, glowing skin. Using a unique iinside-outapproach, SkinB5’s range is supported by gentle yet effective skincare products that heal and restore your skin health without using harsh chemicals. Visit You can also find SkinB5 in reputable pharmacies and health food stores across Australia, including Amcal, Chempro, Ramsey/Malouf, Terry White Chemmart, Go Vita, and selected Priceline stores. By Judy Cheung-Wood Inventor, Founder, Managing Director of SkinB5 Nutritional Acne Treatment System
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