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Senior Formal: All of those late nights, (probably long) bouts of procrastination, successes, and character-building experiences throughout school have led to this one event. It’s no wonder, then, why some find the lead up to formal fairly daunting. Check out our little guide to help you best prepare yourself, both inside and out, for the night you deserve.


Mental State So how do you feel about your school formal? Are you nervous? Perhaps you’re beyond thrilled to leave behind your schooling years. Formal night can evoke a myriad of emotions that are often hard to sort through, especially when you’re still yawning ‘here’ to the morning roll call. In the months leading up to graduation, give yourself time to reflect on your 12-year journey, how you’ve grown as a person, and what you want for your future. It’s also a great idea to touch base with the teachers who made a positive impact on your life.Let them know you have appreciated their guidance and ask if they have any further advice about your transition from school to the real world.


Inner Health As always, prioritise your inner health by getting enough quality sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating a nourishing diet. One easy way to boost your health is by drinking delicious and natural smoothies before or after school. Blend up fresh ingredients that are high in antioxidants, like blueberries. These powerful little fruits help combat free radicals in your body. They also provide a dose of zinc, vitamin C and E, and other wonderful compounds that increase and promote health. To help fight racing thoughts and stress, try out some gentle stretches before bed and first thing in the morning. Aside from calming your mind and heart, stretching will also help tone up your body and increase flexibility.


The Outfit Whether you’re drooling over a traditional ball gown or a formal two-piece, it’s important to wear an outfit that best reflects your personality and complements your features.As you go dress shopping, try to keep an open mind; a dress on the hanger often appears different to how it looks worn. You might even find a wonderful second-hand dress rich with decades of tales and style, so be sure to pop into your local charity shop as well. For the guys, try to find a tailored suit or a shirt and pant combination that you feel confident and comfortable in. You might also want to match your tie or pocket square to the colour of your date’s outfit. When it comes to the shoes, be sure to pick a pair that allows you to dance the night away. If you’re prone to rolling ankles in stilettos or even heeled pumps, try block sandals, wedges, or pretty ballet flats. If you’re a graduating guy, try out traditional black or tan formal shoes, or give a pair of Vans or Converse a go. Sporty sophistication is in!


Hair As you pour over Pinterest for the perfect formal hairstyle, it’s important you don’t neglect your hair’s health. For lush, shiny locks, avoid styling with heat in the months before the big night. Instead, treat yourself to a natural hair mask once a week. The fatty acids in coconut oil in particular help repair damaged follicles, so apply a generous amount and let it soak in before washing out. If you’re struggling with straggly split ends, head to the hairdressers for a small trim.


Beauty Natural is beautiful, so when it comes to your makeup on the night, opt for lightweight products that accentuate your features. Blue-eyed girls might want to try out a subtle pink eyeshadow. If you have brown eyes, a touch of smoky eyeshadow will make them pop. Have a trial makeup run in advance so you don’t suffer any disappointments on the night. If you want a healthy glow on the evening, avoid baking in the sun and use a natural, non-oily tanning product instead. It’s important you try out these products in advance, as you don’t want any nasty rashes or fluorescent surprises on the day of your formal. When it comes to school formal or any big occasion, it’s important you feel beautiful in your own skin and confident in your mindset. Remember to look after yourself both before and during your big night so you can create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Read more about makeup tips here.


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