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Skin Care 101 - Tips and Tricks

What are the basic pillars of skincare we should all be following?

Most of us are leading super busy lives which often means basic skin care is left by the wayside…

Knowing the skincare basics is essential to keeping your skin healthy.

We’ve put together these simple tips and tricks to help you achieve that gorgeous glow!

Wash Your Face

It sounds simple because it is! Your face holds oils, dirt, bacteria, daily debris and make-up if you wear it.

Washing your face both morning and night removes impurities to leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Our SkinB5™  Acne Control Cleanser is a simple and easy-to-use solution that removes excess oil and problem-causing bacteria. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes or make-up wipes to give your face a quick clean - If you have sensitive skin make sure you use fragrance-free wipes - then use the SkinB5™ cleanser to rid your skin of any residual.

Aside from simply washing your face morning and night, avoid unnecessarily touching your face and transferring further bacteria.

Also, remember to frequently use anti-bacterial wipes on items you put close to your face often like your mobile phone.

Treat Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type means you can use products suited to your personal needs. If you suffer from flaky and easily irritated skin this may mean you have dry and/or sensitive skin.

In this case, a good quality moisturiser is imperative. You should also supplement your diet with high potency evening primrose oil and fish oil. If you often feel like you have oil on your skin or have a lot of ‘shine’ on your skin you may be more likely to have oily skin.

People with oily skin are at a higher risk of developing acne. If this is you we recommend our SkinB5Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins

Some people have a mixture of both oily and dry skin. This is known as combination skin. Combination skin generally responds to gentle cleansers to prevent your skin from drying out further.

Minimise Your Exposure To The Elements

Hot sun, harsh wind, air conditioning and heating can be attributing factors to various skin issues. These depleting elements can dry out your skin and strip you of your natural oils. 

While it’s impractical to completely avoid the elements altogether you can minimise your exposure by rugging up in the winter and staying out of the sun in the summer.

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