Top 5 Skin Essentials To Take Anywhere

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I’ve titled this blog ‘Top 5 Skin Essentials To Take Anywhere’, but in truth, I am the worst for keeping my wallet, keys and phone together on me, let alone anything else. So as you read this, keep in mind that what I really mean is ‘Top 5 Essentials I Keep at Home, Work, My Car and in my Gym Bag’. Then I’m covered.

Lip Balm

As the weather is colder, it’s important to keep your lips hydrated. Avoid soreness, redness, and dry skin by having lip balm at hand. Even during the warmer months, air-conditioning can dehydrate you. There are few things less attractive than dry lips, so do yourself a favour here. I prefer an SPF balm so that I avoid damaging UV rays.

Reusable Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated! It’s important for clear skin to ensure that you’re well hydrated. Keeping your water intake up is good not just for healthy and clear skin, but also for energy, concentration, digestion and general wellbeing. Keep a reusable water bottle at hand, which means a BPA free bottle designed to be reused, not a plastic disposable bottle that you continually refill. These pose a health risk over time as UV light and repetitive rinsing and washing breaks down their plastic.

Snacks – healthy snacks!

Keep a tub of unsalted nuts at work, or home, for an easy and light snack. They’re a great source of fibre, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids and are a flavoursome and guilt free option! IF you’re anything like me, you’ll be a grazer, and so it’s good to ensure you at least have a good option to enjoy when you can’t resist some food. Stress Ball Need I explain why? I’d suggest keeping one at work, but then if you’re in an office job like myself, it probably wouldn’t be conducive to productivity. However keeping one at hand for a break probably isn’t a bad idea. I’m lucky enough to have a bean bag in my office that I can throw myself into at times of despair, and a stress ball wouldn’t go astray at these times. SkinB5 supplements A surprising and wonderful side benefit of SkinB5 Supplements, besides clear skin, is that it can help to reduce stress. This is achieved by balancing hormones and providing essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Nick bio photoWho is Nick Bell? Nick joins SkinB5 as a writer, contributing monthly to the blog. A mid-twenties Melburnian cliche, the bearded student suffers wanderlust, a soft spot of his city’s cafe culture and a love of cycling. He writes from experience, having suffered acne himself throughout both high school and university, and it’s something he still battles today. Nick also writes a personal blog where he documented his journey for clear skin with SkinB5, having previously given up after years of ineffective products and medications.
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