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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting the same blemishes in the same area of your face over and over again. What If I told you that, there may be a way to understand what causes your acne by looking at where it appears the most? This is called ‘’face mapping’’! The idea behind face mapping is that your skin often reflects your inner health and that different areas of the face are connected to different organs in the body, so by mapping where your acne pops up on your face, you can understand what causes the blemishes to flare up and help prevent them from forming! So let’s take a closer look at the most commonly ‘’problem zones’’ and do some detective work on your breakouts!

The Cheeks

Your upper cheeks are linked to your lungs. If you tend to break out in this area, this could mean you have allergies, you smoke, you’re letting your body overheat or hygiene issues. If you have allergies like me, I’ve found that fresh air is the key, I know it can be difficult especially if you live in a highly polluted area but I find adding plants and investing in an air purifier can really help clean the air out and can help reduce the acne. Try to incorporate more cooling foods to your diet (such as cucumbers, melons and green beans ) in order to keep your body cool , as well as cutting back on your sugar and dairy intake can really help to clear the skin too. If neither of these are the issues, then dirty cell phones and pillow cases are the top contenders of this area! If you sleep on the side of your face, or use your mobile phone, germs and dirt can clog your pores and cause breakouts. So make sure to change your pillowcase at least once a week, and wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipes every few days.

The Acne Beard (Jawline and Chin)

Breakouts on the chin and jawline are often related to hormonal acne. Acne here will come and go based on your cycle (as a woman) or if you’re dealing with an excess of male hormones called androgens. The chin can also be associated with some stomach/digestive issues as well. So getting plenty of exercise and clean healthy eating is always good as it will help balance out your hormones and help reduce the toxin overload. As a long term solution try to regulate your hormones by taking SkinB5’s Acne Control Caplets, they really do help treat hormonal acne, balance out your hormones and reduces stress. Believe it or not stress can also be a culprit in this situation, as stress can stimulate production of the hormone androgen, which often leads to increased acne, so be sure to de-stress by taking yoga classes or listening to music etc.

The Top Zone (Forehead)

Out breaks on your forehead are usually linked to poor digestive system, and may indicate that you’re having a hard time breaking down certain foods. It may also indicate liver problems (too many toxins) or not getting enough sleep. In order to fight these pesky forehead zits, make sure to eat less sugary and processed foods and drink lots of water (at least 7 glasses of water every day) to help flush the toxins out and remove any digestive imbalances out of your body. Also minimise your intake of fizzy and caffeinated drinks, consider switching to herbal tea, especially green tea to aid digestion. I find keeping a food diary and seeing what food groups cause skin to break out really helps. For example, if you consume a lot of dairy and then break out, you could have a form of lactose intolerance that is effecting your digestion. So the next time you break out, remember that it is your body’s way of telling you it is out of balance. It won’t go away until you correct the imbalances causing it in the first place. Face mapping is a good start to the war of acne, but don’t forget that hormones, diet, hygiene, skincare products and even genetics can also play a part in causing acne. Be mindful that that skincare and makeup products containing nasty chemicals such as mineral oil or artificial fragrances can also flare up your acne and make your skin worse. If you are using a synthetic skincare regime, I would HIGHLY recommend that you switch to a natural brand like SkinB5.The benefit of using natural products is that no toxins can enter the blood stream and you benefit from improving your overall health and clear skin! My name is Farah and I am an advocate for natural and organic beauty products, healthy living and a self-proclaimed whole foods enthusiast. My passion for health and beauty stems from my personal experiences dealing with problematic skin and now I want to help others learn my secrets to flawless skin from the inside, out. I’m a firm believer that true beauty comes from what goes inside of your body and I am thankful to be able to educate you and help you to obtain clear skin Image Credit http://www.thesnowfairy.com

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