Do you have a food sensitivity causing Acne?

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When you often hear the word ‘’acne’’, you probably think of raging hormones, bad diet, and stress, but did you know it can be afflicted by food sensitivity too? That’s right, so if you notice acne appearing after you eat, you may be intolerant to certain foods. So first things first, what does a food sensitivity mean? And is it the same thing as a food allergy? Well, a food allergy can be potentially quite deadly since it causes instant reactions to the body such as rashes, difficulty breathing, and swelling etc. And a food sensitivity is like an allergic reaction but it is delayed in its response time and can take up to 72 hours for the symptoms to show. Food sensitivities can also manifest in many different forms of symptoms such as headaches, hives, digestive distress and the most common skin condition of all, acne yes acne! I know it can be difficult to diagnose a food sensitivity, especially since symptoms can take up to a few days after eating a particular type of food and by that point, you don’t even realise the issue is your diet. However having said that It is important to find out whether you do have a food sensitivity because eating certain foods that the body cannot tolerate causes too many toxins inside the body which leads to a continuous toxic reaction (inflammation in the skin resulting in clogged pores and acne). And so in order to treat your acne, you must first remove the toxins. How you may ask? Well, keep on reading!


The best way to identify your acne-causing food sensitivities is to keep a food diary and eliminate certain foods from your diet, to see if there are any notable changes in your skin. Try eliminating one food at a time for a period of 2 weeks. This process can be a bit difficult but the stricter you are while on the elimination diet, the better you can identify your food sensitivities. And if your skin does improve during this time it is probable that the food you have just eliminated is responsible for your acne. The second best way is to ‘’re-introduce’’ a small portion of the food that you avoided and look for any symptoms developing over the next 24 hours. If nothing happens, try the same food the following day and re-assess. If symptoms do flare up, then I suggest that you avoid this food.


Milk tends to come from pregnant cows which are known to cause acne as milk contains hormones that "turn on" your oil glands. These hormones flow from the cow’s milk right into your hormonal system. Which in turn imbalances your hormonal levels. Yikes! And well sugar is known to cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout your body. If your skin doesn’t improve, that doesn’t necessarily mean that dairy and sugar is safe for your skin. What it definitely means is that there’s something else triggering your acne, maybe something else you’re eating, some nutrients you’re missing out on or some lifestyle issue like stress or environmental toxins. The good news is that eating a healthy diet and taking SkinB5 supplements can balance those hormones out. So try our daily SkinB5 Acne Control Tablets, it is formulated to control the oil production, balance out your hormones, relief stress and most importantly it leaves your skin looking radiant. Food sensitivities can cause or aggravate skin conditions, like acne, and can lead to other health issues. The best way to understand what causes your acne is to keep a track of everything: what you eat, what you put on your skin etc. I know the process can be frustrating, but the more you learn about your skin, the better you will be when it comes to getting rid of your acne. I hope following these simple tips will help you eliminate your acne and try to remember a healthy dose of patience and determination will help you greatly on your journey to clear skin! Have you struggled with acne? What seems to be a problem for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment down below and here’s to good health, until next time. Farah xoxo 2015-08-02-12-37-39_deco (1)Farah has been using SkinB5 for two years now. She is an advocate for natural and organic beauty products, healthy living and a self-proclaimed whole foods enthusiast. Her passion for health and beauty stems from her personal experiences dealing with problematic skin and now she wants to help others learn her secrets to flawless skin from the inside, out.
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