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SkinB5 Successful Launch in New Zealand with Pharmaceutical Services Ltd

SkinB5 has expanded into New Zealand, launching with Pharmaceutical Services Ltd, a trading subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand since 1957, after an exciting year of new partnerships with major Australian and international outlets. Founder Judy Cheung-Wood and her team met with many community pharmacy owners and retail managers at the Pharmacy Business Network (PBN) on Saturday, July 29. Following this event, was a busy week-long road show that took SkinB5 and PSL across New Zealand in 2 teams, starting from Auckland and wrapping up in Dunedin and Christchurch. The teams visited almost 50 New Zealand pharmacies who were extremely excited about introducing SkinB5 to their patients. In-store staff training was a key engagement element in the launch. Pharmaceutical Services Limited was selected as SkinB5’s ideal partner in New Zealand because it provides community pharmacies with strong support including training, seminars and strategic partnerships, therefore helping pharmacies offer the best health solutions and products to patients. PSL is in the trusted position of supporting all New Zealand’s community pharmacies and are the main industry body among the nation’s pharmacy chains. The partnership with PSL will make SkinB5’s highly unique solution, treating acne inside out with advanced supplement formulations and healing skincare products, accessible to acne sufferers across New Zealand. The announcement comes in the middle of a roaring year for SkinB5, after attracting long lines at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition (APP 2017). The company has recently formed partnerships with major outlets such as Sigma and Australia’s Guardian, Amcal and Pharmacy 777 outlets. The New Zealand pharmaceutical landscape is built around community care and business, much like SkinB5’s native Australia. Local chemists provide customers with the support they need while stocking trusted brands. However, just like Australia, there is currently a gap in the New Zealand market for acne treatments that tackle skin issues where they begin, within the body. SkinB5 can expect to stand out on New Zealand shelves, as a unique product in a market full of acne remedies that only treat the skin symptomatically. SkinB5 products such as the SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets and Acne Control Caplets treat and prevent the root causes of breakouts, using a proprietary blend of stringently tested vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure efficacy. Acne affects almost everyone as some point and has many causes, such as hormonal fluctuation, the bustle of everyday life (stress), immune response and built-up sebum (skin oil). SkinB5 products contain many of the essential ingredients critical to maintaining healthy skin functions while encouraging skin cells to repair and renew. With the partnership of this main artery into the New Zealand pharmaceutical market, the exciting time of expansion continues for SkinB5 and their customers.

About the Author: Judy Cheung-Wood

SkinB5 was founded in 2006 by Australian entrepreneur, Judy Cheung-Wood. Growing up, Judy spent endless time with her grandfather who was a chemist and skincare manufacturer. Even as a young girl, she shared his passion for natural ingredients – and always dreamed of developing a natural skincare range in his honour. First launched as an online only business, SkinB5 is now widely available in retail and dermatology channels in Australia and globally. Judy is very passionate about skincare and love sharing her expert knowledge with others.

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