SkinB5 Treats All Types of Acne and Helps Adults Get Acne Free No Matter Their Age!

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If you think you’ve escaped acne forever once your teenage years are gone, think again. Acne isn’t only a problem faced by teenagers these days! Believe it or not, acne can persist throughout an entire person’s life and is a common problem among middle-aged women especially. According to a study at the Massachusetts General Hospital, “45% of women aged 21-30, 26% aged 31-40, and 12% aged 41-50 had clinical acne.” Those are quite shocking numbers for a disorder that is commonly considered as affecting teens only. There are many factors that can contribute to acne, but no one quite knows what causes acne in adults. Factors such as diet, the amount of skin oil production, hormones and stress can all influence acne severity. Doctors suspect that hormones may be the leading cause of acne in middle-aged women. “As women age, their levels of androgens rise,” says Dr Bethanee Jean Schlosser, assistant professor of dermatology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. At SkinB5, we get emails from middle-aged people suffering from acne all the time. They ask if SkinB5 can help adult acne and if it will really work. We don’t blame them for being sceptical. After years of trying virtually every acne medication under the sun with little to no results, we would be sceptical too! The great news for acne sufferers (especially middle-aged ones) is that with SkinB5, acne doesn’t have to rule your life anymore. SkinB5 DOES work for all ages and treats acne despite the cause. Especially for older users concerned about hormone-induced acne, SkinB5 helps to regulate androgens (male hormones), in turn reducing acne. Apart from treating hormonal acne, SkinB5 also helps reduce stress, boost the immune system and regulate skin oil levels; three additional factors that can cause or increase acne severity. As a matter of fact, we just got a testimonial from a middle aged acne sufferer…here it is: "At 41 years of age I've suffered with acne for over 20 years. In this time I have tried everything to cure it. From roaccutane, anti-biotic, contraceptive pill, complete diet changes, supplements, apple cider vinegar, raw potato & every topical cream & face wash. I have spent thousands & thousands of dollars. A few years ago my acne progressed in to Cystic acne. I decided I had nothing to lose trying SkinB5 and to my great surprise my acne has lessened significantly. My acne was stubborn and it did take around 5 months for me to really notice a difference. I am delighted to say that Skin B5 really does work. It has changed my life. Thank you SkinB5." Natalie Carter – New Zealand No matter your age, it’s never too late to get acne-free! Say goodbye to acne forever and see the difference for yourself with SkinB5! About SkinB5 SkinB5 is an all-natural acne supplement that works from within to eliminate and cure acne on the face and all over the body. The SkinB5 acne treatment system is based on vitamin B5 which is proven to increase skin health and reduce acne by regulating the skin’s production of sebum, or skin oil. SkinB5's effectiveness is proven and safe for users of all ages. In addition to selling online, SkinB5 supplies to reputable pharmacies, health food shops, skin specialists and dermatologists who prefer to offer a natural alternative acne treatment. SkinB5 is a global e-commerce company which was launched in 2006. The product line consists of Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets, Acne Control Caplets, Acne Control Cleanser, Acne Control Moisturiser and 5-Minute Skin Purifying Mask. For more information, or to order, visit
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