There are many myths in society about what causes pimples and how to treat them

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There are many myths in society about what causes pimples and how to treat them.

The most common myths are: 1. Toothpaste clears pimples 2. Chocolate and greasy food causes pimples 3. Baseball caps cause pimples 4. Drinking water will flush your pimples away 5. Popping pimples is good for you “Many people think that acne is just for teenagers when they go through puberty. This is another myth unfortunately and adults can also get pimples”, said Judy Cheung-Wood, Managing Director, SkinB5. “There really is no fast fix for pimples. Acne can be emotionally draining for many people but fortunately, there are methods now to clear people's skin and give them confidence in public again”, said Cheung-Wood. Judy Cheung-Wood debunks a few myths around how to clear pimples. Toothpaste will definitely not help you eradicate pimples. It won’t dry your skin out and erase pimples overnight. The active ingredients in toothpaste will often irritate the skin, cause itchiness and inflammation. Chocolate and greasy food don't cause pimples either. Fresh fruit and vegetables are better for you, but there is no scientific correlation between chocolate and pimples. Of course, baseball caps don’t cause pimples on the hairline. Different types of materials, especially cheap materials can cause skin irritation, but hats themselves can’t cause acne. Drinking large amounts of water won’t harm you, but if you have pimples, it’s not possible to flush your system out and make your pimples go away. Popping pimples isn’t actually good for your skin either. It leads to redness, increased irritation and can cause scarring. 1 in 5 Australians have suffered acne in their life between the ages of 11-30 and some adult still, have acne. SkinB5 is a natural acne supplement that works by delivering key vitamins and minerals to your body to:
  • Control skin oil production
  • Balance hormones
  • Strengthen a person's immune system
  • Reduce stress
“95% of our users have reported a reduction in pimples after using SkinB5, so quite simply we know it works. The main active ingredient, vitamin B5 (water soluble), is completely natural as well, so there are no side affects and the ingredients won’t lead to any depression or have any negative impacts on any part of the body or mind. In fact, vitamin B’s are known mood lifters. SkinB5 will allow you to clear your skin in a healthy and safe manner and you can use toothpaste on your teeth, wear a baseball cap and drink a normal amount of water. Not having pimples is no longer a myth this summer. To speak to Judy Cheung-Wood, Managing Director of SkinB5, on debunking acne myths, contact
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