Three of the Best Foods to help you Maintain Healthy, Acne-free Skin

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One of the best ways to maintain great skin is to replenish your body from the inside out. Our healthy skin routines are most effective when we combine internal and external treatments. Here are some of the best foods you can include in your diet to help maintain acne-free skin: Walnuts & Hazelnuts The omega-3 essential fatty acids and Vitamin E found in these nuts can improve the skin’s elasticity and protect against free radical damage. The nuts are also loaded with copper, a mineral that boosts collagen production. Snack on a handful of walnuts each day to improve the look and texture of your complexion. These positive attributes can also be found in Avocados. Soy Beans & Wholegrains
For balanced skin, it’s important to eat more phyto-estrogens. Phyto-estrogens are natural chemicals found in plant foods. They have a similar structure to the female sex hormone oestrogen and have been found to help keep our natural hormones in balance. This is helpful to prevent hormone related breakouts at inconvenient times! There are different types of phyto-estrogens, some are found in soya bean products (isoflavones), whereas others are found in the fibre of wholegrains, vegetables and flax seeds (lignans). Include these foods as part of a balanced diet and discover how they can contribute to the overall health of your skin. And of course don’t forget to keep drinking lots of water! Berries You simply can’t go past the high dosage of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C found in strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit. Anti-oxidants are needed to build a strong immune system, whilst helping you maintain glowing skin and assisting with the proper healing of blemishes. They also help you to produce collagen that strengthens the capillaries which supply the skin, whilst also helping to even your skin tone. Bonus anti-oxidants: Beta-carotene (found in pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes), and Lutein, (found in kale and spinach) are also potent anti- oxidants and are important for normal skin cell development and maintaining healthy skin tone.

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