Tips to avoid Acne over summer

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Summer is here and often the warmer weather brings pimples; not just to teenagers but to adults as well.

"Many people think pimples are just for teens, but warmer weather and stress around Christmas often leads to many adults breaking out again", said Judy Cheung-Wood, Managing Director, SkinB5.
SkinB5 is one of the world's leading acne reduction brands and their products are all natural supplements rather than topical products. 95% of their customers have experienced an 80% reduction in acne.
Here are their top 5 tips to avoid getting pimples this summer:
  1. Refresh your skin with watermelon rind - eat the flesh and simply rub your face with the rind
  2. Use a featherlight sunscreen that does not block pores
  3. Go to the beach and have a dip in the ocean. Salt water helps control bacteria growth on the skin
  4. As soon as you feel that a pimple is coming on, apply diluted tea tree oil to a baby pimple (eg. 5 mL tea tree oil and 95 mL water), and you must refrain from squeezing it!
  5. Take SkinB5 oral supplements daily to control skin oil production which is particularly important during summer when hot weather exacerbates skin congestion
"If women go on holidays, I would recommend they give their skin a holiday also and take a break from foundation to let their skin breathe and give it a chance to regain its natural lustre", Cheung-Wood concluded.
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