Top 5 Myths about Acne

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Top 5 Myths about Acne

1. Eating Junk Food can Cause Acne

This is quite a debatable subject, as it turns out there is actually no evidence that proves that what you eat is the cause of acne. What causes acne is bacteria, stress, hormones and skin oil. This doesn’t mean that eating oily foods will give you acne either, because the oil that causes acne comes from inside your body. However, eating bad foods can have an effect on your overall stress levels, hormones and blood sugar, which can lead to acne. Our recommendation? Try to cut out sugars and junk food and your body and skin will thank you!

2. Popping pimples can make them go away

Popping pimples doesn’t help make them go away! When you pop pimples it can push bacteria back into the skin making the pimple grow back even bigger! Popping pimples can also lead to scars, so hands off the next pimple.

3. Acne only happens to people in their adolescence

There is no magical formula that makes acne suddenly vanish when you become an adult! Some adults get very serious acne due to hormonal imbalance or certain disorders and have to go on medication or special skin care products to treat it effectively. Having acne as an adult or teen can give people emotional problems as well as confidence issues.

4. Dirt causes acne

Nope, it actually doesn’t. Acne is caused mainly by bacteria and oil. While dirt is well, dirty, that doesn’t mean it’s full of acne-causing bacteria. Some people who scrub their faces more than twice a day can actually cause more pimples to appear because they’re drying their skin out. If you’re scrubbing your face you must do it gently and with warm water to open up your pores and remove excess oil and bacteria.

5. Sunlight can cure acne

Sunlight doesn’t benefit acne at all, it can only hide it when your face reddens or tans. Too much sun can make your skin tighten and cause irritation, not to mention lead to discolouration and spotting. And after summer is gone, your tan will fade and the acne will be back!

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