Why a New Year may mean new makeup if you want clear skin

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New Years is finally here and it’s that time again to choose what we want to achieve in 2016. You know what I’m talking about! The time to adopt the ‘’ good’’ habits we’d like to tackle, thinking about ways to improve ourselves and maybe eating a little healthier this year. Whatever you decide to go for, there is one New Year’s resolution that seems to deserve our attention and can truly make a difference in your skin and that is your makeup routine. Here are a few important tips you should consider this New Year for an acne free skin in no time!

Out with the old, In with the new

So first things first, let’s make a fresh start for 2016 by cleaning out your makeup bag! Just like food, all cosmetics have expiry dates and believe me you’ll be surprised with just how much items that you have, that are expired, broken or just look off in your bag (I’m guilty of this too). Now there’s lots that can go wrong when your make ages; you risk side effects such as skin conditions like acne, skin allergies or even eye infections. Sometimes you just have to let go of that eye liner you rely on or that mascara you can’t live without, but hey at least you will reduce your chances of getting breakouts or anything worse! By now you’re probably wondering how long should keep your makeup for. Well below is a guideline on when to toss or keep your contents in your makeup bag!

Powders (including blushes, bronzers, and shadows) Two years
Cream shadows and blushes 12-18 months
Oil-free foundation One year
Cream compact foundation 18 months
Concealers 12-18 months
Lipstick and lip liner One year
Lip gloss 18-24 months
Pencil eyeliner Two years
Liquid or gel eyeliner Three months
Mascara Three months

Shelf life of makeup

I do have some good news, the shelf life of makeup depends on the ingredients that it contains. Products that are mostly water based or contain plant - (these are mostly preservative free products) extracts have shorter shelf life simply because the water itself causes bacteria growth. So try to opt for products that do contain preservatives as they are ones that help fight the growth of bacteria. One great alternative is mineral makeup! Mineral makeup contains no water or oils so there’s a lesser chance for bacteria to grow. Also don’t forget to read the labels to limit any skin irritations and try to look for makeup labeled non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free, these will let your skin breath and not clog your pores!

Remove all makeup before sleeping

My next tip I would recommend is to always remove your makeup at night before you sleep. I know we’ve all experienced that one late night when you just can’t be bothered going to the bathroom and removing your makeup. But here’s what my mother always told me ‘’a naked skin is a happy skin’’, and I haven’t forgotten it since. Sleeping in makeup can cause dead skin cells to build up, clog your pores, causing breakouts or other skin irritations. If you’re like me and you just want to use one product that removes all your makeup without having to use tons of wipes, then boy, do I have a treat for you! Try SkinB5’s gentle cleansing mousse, it effectively works deep down to remove all makeup and excess oil. Don’t forget to follow by your regular moisturizer. Lastly cleansing your skin properly every day is the best weapon for unwanted skin conditions and not to mention your skin needs time to breathe and rejuvenate leaving your skin clear and bright for the next morning.

Wash your brushes

Show of hands of how many people actually wash their makeup brushes? If you did not raise your hand, you need to start soon. Now as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, makeup brushes and applicators are bacteria magnets! Bacteria cause’s infections and breakouts, and this can be passed back and forth from the product to the brush to your face, so wash all makeup brushes with soap a few times each week, and thoroughly spray them with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol after every application. You can also use disposable ones (consider the environment!).

To sum up here are some extra key pointers to safeguard your skin this New Year:

  • Go bare whenever possible. Allow your skin to heal and breath and remember and you can feel confident with or without your makeup.
  • If you find you don’t have time to wash your brushes, consider makeup sponges, they are disposal and cost less than a cup of coffee.
  • Using mineral makeup that contains zinc oxide will help to fight acne as you cover it, instead of other makeup that will simply clog pores
  • Taking a SkinB5 Acne Control Caplets, they will help your body regenerate skin cells faster so your skin will be clearer faster. Added bonus: it also helps with hair and nail growth.
  • Wash your hands before you wash your face. Going straight into washing your face with dirt and oil on your hands will defeat the purpose of cleaning your face.
Hope this helps and if you have anything to add, then please leave a comment! Farah has been using SkinB5 for two years now. She is an advocate for natural and organic beauty products, healthy living and a self-proclaimed whole foods enthusiast. Her passion for health and beauty stems from her personal experiences dealing with problematic skin and now she wants to help others learn her secrets to flawless skin from the inside, out.
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