A – Z of foods that benefit the skin; Prunes

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P’ is for Prune

I love Prunes - Why? They taste good and they help you pooh…and we know that’s good for our skin J The mixture of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, retinol, vitamin K and B, packed into prunes helps the process of maintaining gorgeous skin. Prunes help to slow down the aging process and not only offer glowing skin, but also delay the development of dreaded wrinkles! Constipation no more: Prunes are high in fibre and sorbitol, which means they help the body not only to digest food efficiently, but also relieve constipation and promote a regular bowel movement. Just one prune is the equivalent of 3% of our fibre recommended daily intake. Prunes draw moisture into the digestive tract, which improves bowel movements.

Bones them aching bones:

If helping to create glowing, clear skin and improve our digestive system wasn’t enough, the boron in Prunes also protects us women against Osteoporosis too.

Antioxidant powerhouse:

Did you know Prunes are higher than the mighty Blueberry on the antioxidant scale? Plant phenolics (that function as antioxidants) along with manganese and iron help protect our cell membranes from free radical damage. Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory which not only helps our skin but also conditions such as Arthritis.

So what can we eat prunes with?

I love them so much I eat them on their own, but here are a few other ideas
  1. Add to a smoothie for a healthy sweet touch.
  2. Yummy on a cold winters morning on the top of a bowl of steaming porridge.
  3. Prunes are a big ingredient in Moroccan food; add to a tagine for a twist on a savory dish.
So give them a go…but remember good things come in small quantities Venessa is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist & Health Coach. Venessa helps to clear stress and skin problems using amazingly effective techniques for the sub-conscious mind and day-to-day healthy living techniques such as using SkinB5 products. http://www.mindbodyclinicalhypnotherapy.com
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