SkinB5 presents Educational Workshop at Pharmacy Assistants Conference 2016 with great success and a full house.

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SkinB5 led the charge educating and discussing “Treating acne effectively- nutritional treatment approach” with an Educational Workshop at the recent Pharmacy Assistants Conference held at Sea World on the Gold Coast with overwhelming interest from attendees. The Pharmacy Assistants Conference is an event that is held annually, allowing Pharmacy Assistants to come together and learn about industry knowledge, product information and new innovations. This conference helps Pharmacy Assistants to try and test new products from popular brands, and also to network with suppliers and brands. By using data from investigative dermatology journals, SkinB5 showed pharmacy assistants acne is the most commonly skin disease in the world, across all regions around the globe. For conditions such as acne and its associated conditions, like pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are extremely common, affecting 80% of the Australian population, meaning the bond with Pharmacy Assistants is to help Acne sufferers Australia wide, overcome these conditions. SkinB5’s Educational Workshop was seated at capacity which meant more Pharmacy Assistants were able to engage with the expertise and information that was provided enlightening them to the ways in which SkinB5 works to overcome acne. SkinB5 uses a 4- Step advanced natural acne control system that is able to treat the cause of acne from within, beginning with the first step, using oral Extra Strength Tablets. Cleansing, Moisturising and Maintaining are the following steps that are used to prevent blemishes. SkinB5 products help customers work towards prevention and treatment of acne and healing of acne scars. The session discussed ineffective long term solutions for acne sufferers, supported by a pharmacist and a naturopath sharing their personal stories and struggles they had finding a permanent and natural acne treatment that worked for them and their customers. The SkinB5 Team enjoyed educating over 400 Pharmacy Assistants about a natural and effective long term acne solution. SkinB5 distributed their 5 Minute Skin Purifying Mask to Pharmacy Assistants to try out, combining it with foundation they created a matte foundation that treats and prevents acne at the same time. It is the most innovative Beauty Hack for the beauty industry this year, whilst also receiving excellent feedback from the Pharmacy Assistants who’ve tried it. The Pharmacy Assistants Conference is all about recognising the role of community pharmacies in introducing new innovations and ways in which to improve consumer health and wellbeing using the newest and most effective products. SkinB5 has recently formalised the partnership with Sigma Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmacy wholesaler. This will greatly improve the accessibility of SkinB5 products to consumers. As SkinB5 were able to promote their natural acne treatments with Pharmacy Assistants from all over Australia it allowed for more people to try, and feel the SkinB5 difference.
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