Lukas Cody's skin has massively improved in 4 weeks

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Lukas Cody's skin has massively improved in 4 weeks
I have struggled with acne for a long time and it has really impacted my self-esteem, as I would often blame myself for not having clear skin.

Some solutions I tried were somewhat effective but not completely, and would often cause other issues such as making my skin dry and cracked, oily, or red and inflamed.

I started using SkinB5s vitamin tablets and saw improvement in my acne, without any of the other nasty side effects. The tablets are quite sensitive and don't harm my skin the same way other products did.

The improvement was also improved by SkinB5s cleanser and moisturizer, which I now use twice daily along with the vitamins.

I do still get pimples, and some of my scars and things are still healing, it is still something I am constantly working on and have to stay on top of, but now I do feel much more control over the acne and have a way to fight it.

- Lukas Cody

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