My Acne Journey to Clear Skin with SkinB5™

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When you nourish your body, mind, and soul from the inside, you can visibly see a positive outward change including your skin. I didn’t know how true this could be until I caved in and tried it around 5 years ago. Hi there, my name’s Renee. I’m an ocean-loving and cinema-going 23-year-old writer. After I completed my undergraduate’s degree in Creative and Professional Writing, I dipped my toes into the fashion, communications, and content creation world. Ever since, I decided creating my own stories and encouraging people to be their best would feature in my 10 year plan. Though, like most people, I didn’t step through these fundamental changes without a dash of stress, a side of late night cheeseburgers, and a whole lot of body neglect; cue dull skin and pimples that pretty much had heartbeats of their own. Wonderful. Since I was small, I have always had sensitive skin, so it wasn’t ideal when I felt I could only leave the house with a face layered thick with foundation. I had heard that hormones and a poor diet contributed to problem skin, so I ditched the chocolate for alkalising foods, upped my water intake, and slathered on facial cleansers and creams I’d seen advertised on daytime television. Sadly, these particular products left me with sandpaper skin and a bleached Winnie the Pooh towel (I hate to admit it). Something was missing in my skin-care routine. In true Gen-Y fashion, I let my mother take over. She was working in our local health food store and had received great customer feedback about a brand called SkinB5 and, in particular, the SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets. To be honest, I was dubious. Even though the range boasted natural formulas, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to take tablets to improve my skin’s appearance. Would they really fix my problem skin? Would there be side-effects? Since I had tried so many other products only to find disappointment, I decided I had nothing to lose, except my acne – and thankfully, that’s exactly what happened. After taking the tablets routinely, I experienced fewer and less painful pimples. On top of this, my skin tone not only evened out, but started to glow. Once a few months passed, I was actually blemish-free. I had finally found a brand that wasn’t lying. SkinB5’s combination of vitamin B5, zinc, and silica in particular increased wound healing, encouraged hormone balance, and controlled sebum production. Given my disheartening experiences with ‘miracle’ skin companies, I never thought there’d be a product that legitimately worked. Even when I took a break from the Extra Strength Tablets and continued to use the non-greasy SkinB5 Acne Control Moisturiser, the breakouts stayed away. Especially when coupled with a more holistic lifestyle, SkinB5’s products gave me lasting results. Now, 5 years on, my skin is still clear from breakouts. I think it would be an understatement to say I am beyond thrilled I don’t need to cover up my skin to feel somewhat human. My love for SkinB5’s acne treatments and mission statement has pushed me to look at how I’m treating my body. I have now switched out my old synthetic makeup and body products for gentle and natural alternatives. I’ve even dabbled in the odd YouTube video and blog post to share my love for natural products and the Extra Strength Tablets. This has led a couple of my friends to try out the brand for themselves. I feel very lucky that I can type up my acne success story for a brand that doesn’t swear by nasties and gimmicks, only goodness and true, healthy results from real people – no bleach required!
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