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SkinB5 helped Sarah Downes to clear up her hormonal acne

Skin cleared up


My skin has always been my deepest insecurity in life. I began to get breakouts at age 12, and went through the usual teenaged acne stage, hardly comforted by people's assurances that "it would clear up when I got older." Around 15 I discovered makeup could cover my spotty, blemished skin and began to wear it regularly. My obsession with never showing the full extend of my acne meant that if someone come over to our family home, I would disappear to the bathroom to quickly apply makeup so that they wouldn't see my naked face. Unfortunately, my skin worsened as I got older. My acne was hormonal, so there was very little I could do about it. I tried every single product that claimed to clear up your acne. I made at home remedies and ate dandelion leaves for months. I tried several diets, with little success, and I ordered some rather dubious online pills which promised to clear your skin. I even throughly humiliated myself by visiting my local doctor, who told me nothing that I hadn't known before. At that point things were really bad. There's an incredible pain when your relatives judge your skin and 'offer' advice, and when you hear siblings asking in disgust if they are going to look like you when they grow up. I was feeling really depressed about my skin (after all, it had been terrible for over 7 years!) and would stress about being judged by others every hour of every day. Around this time, I happened to see a poster for skin B5 in a heath store's window, and decided to give it a shot. I was very dubious about it, having been let down by previous products that promised the same, but decided it was worth the risk. I brought the facial products and the extra strength tablets skin after and used them diligently. It took a little while to see results, but they were worth it!!!! My skin improved so much, and my confidence rose! Over 2 years later, I still use Skin b5 products, and can see a difference if I stop. I still get breakouts, but they are are far less and due to hormones or occasionally, bad eating habits - things which I am trying to get on top of. The Skin B5 moisturiser is a holy grail product for me, and I swear by the Extra strength tablets. For so long, I have been too scared to share my story, but I have had a long, rough road with my skin, and to finally see myself go from severe to mild acne is an amazing thing. Thanks so much Skin B5 team. Xxx


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