2 Totally Easy Stress Reducing Tips

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Do you find it impossible to come home without turning on the TV, or spending hours on social media? These days, we’ll often go out for coffee or dinner with friends and have alerts popping up on our phones, disturbing our time together. Whether these are social or disturbing news alerts it means we are rarely (if ever) slowing down or turning off from technology. Many of us speed through the weeks forgetting to ask ourselves are we ok? Before we know it we’re exhausted, sick or maybe suffering from acne or digestive issues as a result of stress. So how do we avoid these issues? Here is a couple of simple ways to help de-stress and ease anxiety.
  1. Ask yourself do you wake up in the morning and take a minute to set a positive intention for the day, or do you pick up your phone or tablet to look at emails, texts or the news? The crazy thing is that we’re so used to doing this that we don’t actually realise how overwhelmed we feel with the onslaught of information we receive on a daily basis. Many of us think it’s just normal.
By being more aware of how and when we use the technology we can reduce the stress it causes us easily. Here’s an example: Try scheduling blocks of time on your calendar to deal with emails. This stops the need to look at your phone every two minutes to check emails leaving you to be fully present for whatever else is happening at that moment. In addition, the more we reduce the amount we have going on, the more energised and refreshed we will feel – and who doesn’t want to feel refreshed?
  1. Are you the type of person who puts others needs or happiness before your own? Do you know how draining it can be for your energy? So what can you do to recharge?
Try taking a de-stress break during your day. You can’t guarantee that something stressful won’t happen, but by guaranteeing that some time in your day brings you joy, you’ll feel like you’ve pushed a refresh button and feel refreshed and energised again. Whether it be cooking something amazing for dinner or getting to a Yoga class, it will take your mind away from what you’ve got to do and take it to what you love to do, which is a far happier place to be. skinb5 Venessa is a down to earth Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach, specialising in helping clear your stress and problem skin through Holistic Simplicity. Her passion for healthy living, whole foods and beauty from the inside out, is a result of years of acne, adrenal exhaustion and digestion issues that affected not only her body but confidence too. Venessa wants to share with you how Yoga & Mindfulness along with a natural, unprocessed diet and SkinB5 products can build flawless skin, amazing confidence and a massive smile, as it has done for her. Check out Venessa’s website for more details about how Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching can help you www.holistic-simplicity.com
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