3 Anti Ageing Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is well known for its ability to increase even the stiffest people’s flexibility as well as improving strength and fitness, but did you know Yoga has many anti acne and ageing benefits too? Here are 3 to get your curiosity flowing and test a Yoga class out.

Anti Ageing Hormones

When we practice Yoga and Meditation we naturally provide our bodies with DHEA (an anti aging hormone). As we age our bodies produce less of this hormone, but by practicing Yoga regularly we can keep topping it up as well as reducing cortisol (a stress hormone). This is a major plus for our skin, along with the increase of Melatonin (a sleep hormone) so a sound night sleep is a bonus of Yoga too leaving us looking fresh-faced in the morning. Letting Go Yoga teaches us to ‘let go’ of stress in stressful times. Stress is unhealthy when we have ongoing challenges and/ or difficulties with no relaxation or ‘lightness’ during, or in between these difficult times in life. So instead of letting stress get on top of us and potentially causing skin problems, head aches, trouble sleeping and digestive problems (to name just a few) Yoga is a great fix.

Moving on from Past Issues

Almost everyone has past issues lurking deep down in the back of our minds. One of the surprising benefits of Yoga is that it enables you to deal with these lurking issues so they don’t repeat in your life again. So for example, if you have been heart broken from a partner breaking up with you and can’t truly trust anyone else, you will often set your next relationships up for failure (without even knowing it!) Yoga can help you to accept what has happened and close that door, leaving you open and with an unbiased attitude to new relationships. There are so many types of Yoga class, so if you’ve tried one and didn’t like it try a different style…it might make all the difference. The difference between Vinyasa (Flowing) and Yin (Slow holds) is enormous. Both are amazing for so many different reasons so find one that you think is amazing and get that fountain of youth flowing! Venessa is a down to earth Clinical Hypnotherapist, Health Coach & RTT Therapist, she also teaches Yoga & Pilates. She has a passion for improving skin, reducing stress and increasing your energy and love of life. SkinB5 products have made an amazing difference to her skin, which is why she loves to write for SkinB5 and uses their products daily. www.mindbodyclinicalhypnotherapy.com
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