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‘L’ is for Liquorice Most peoples first thought of Liquorice is Bassetts Allsorts and Liquorice sticks but Liquorice can be used in both savoury and sweet cooking as well as drinks. Liquorice was found in Egypt in King Tut’s tomb, has been used in Chinese medicine for many years and Japanese Geishas are known to have used the root for health and skin benefits. Two extracts that are taken from the Liquorice root are Glycyrrhizin, which gives Liquorice its flavour (and is actually 50 times sweeter than sugar!) and Glabridin, which has many medicinal benefits one of these being fantastic for the skin. So how does it help our skin?

Treats acne and eases inflammation:

Liquorice helps to control the oil production and Glycyrrhizin reduces the redness of acne.

Fades Scars:

Liquorice helps to speed up the process of fading scars by blocking the production of melanin, which evens out your skin tone.

Firms and Tightens the Skin:

Liquorice is a regenerator of collagen and elastin, which tends to reduce with age, so why not eat (or drink) something that will regenerate some?

Liquorice Tea

You can cook with Liquorice but using it in tea is so easy that I can’t go past it. There are many teas in the supermarkets and shops with liquorice in, but you can simply go to a health food shop, buy some liquorice root and make your own tea.
  • You’ll need about 1 tablespoon of liquorice root for one cup of tea.
  • Pop the liquorice root into a tea infuser, or teapot.
  • Add boiling water, let the liquorice infuse and then serve in your favourite teacup.
Enjoying a great tasting cup of tea can be such a relaxing moment. Make the most of it, relish with all the senses. Taste, smell, touch, even the sound of the water pouring onto the liquorice root…it can be made into quite a mindful practice to reduce stress. Venessa is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist & Health Coach. Venessa helps to clear stress and skin problems using amazingly effective techniques for the sub-conscious mind and day-to-day healthy living techniques such as using SkinB5 products. www.mindbodyclinicalhypnotherapy.com
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