Adult Acne in Women

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Have you reached your adult years but haven’t seemed to shake off the acne you thought would disappear after puberty? Unfortunately, adult acne is increasing and the breakouts you used to face as a teenager may not have disappeared with age. Women particularly tend to be prone to adult acne with hormone levels, diet and stress at the core of the problem. Acne is caused by a build up of sebum, an oily substance that clogs pores and causes pimples on the outer layer of your skin. Diet and stress levels aside, in your teenage years, puberty can affect hormone levels, leading to excess oil that increases acne. In some adults breakouts can be caused by an imbalance in these hormones. Women are particularly prone to acne during pregnancy and menopause as this is when hormones fluctuate. However, treating adult acne is not as easy as it is for teenagers, and teenage acne treatments may be too harsh for adult skin. There are still many treatment options available though, and for many women, it’s a case of trial and error. Acne treatments are mostly geared at the oily skin of teenagers, so for drier, adult skin they are not always a good option. Instead try a light cleanser without beads or granules as they may irritate sensitive skin. Many creams and lotions are available to clean pores, fade acne scars and kill bacteria. These will certainly help with keeping your face clean, an essential step to preventing acne. If cleansing and light face treatments aren’t doing the job, you may want to consider prescription medications. The contraceptive pill will help balance hormones and is a common treatment to reduce acne. If you are looking for another alternative, there is a group of drugs available called anti-androgens. This drug controls the androgens hormone, which increases with stress and age and can cause breakouts. It is best to talk to your doctor about these medications and decide on what is best for you. Adult acne is not something any of us want to deal with. It can make you feel self-conscious, embarrassed and young. The best way to prevent breakouts is finding a treatment that works for you. Particularly in adults, it is recommended you talk to your doctor about what your best option is. Professional help can assists you in finding and eliminating the problem you can say goodbye to acne once and for all.
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