Adult Acne Vs. Teenage Acne: What are the differences?

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Whether you’re a teen suffering from acne, or an adult who’s recently discovered their face breaking out like it did in their high school years, we’ve got the information and treatment to get you looking your best again! So what’s the difference? There are a few key differences between teen acne and adult acne. First is the placement. Teenagers will mostly find acne on the dreaded “T-Zone”- the area along the forehead, nose and chin, as well as their necks and backs. These areas, due to hormonal changes throughout puberty, can overproduce sebum (the natural oils our body makes), leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Adult acne can sometimes appear a little different to teenage acne; it’s found more around the jawline and mouth and can appear as small red bumps rather than full blown pimples. Acne in adults is more common to women, and is caused by fluctuating or imbalanced hormones (often found during menstruation or pregnancy) as well as stress, cosmetics, and humidity. How can we treat it? The best way to treat both teenage and adult acne is at the source – within the body. Acne supplements that help regulate skin oil production and hormones (especially for teens!) can greatly reduce acne by treating breakouts before they occur. We recommend using SkinB5 Extra Strength Acne Control Tablets to get acne under control. For teens, getting into the routine of cleansing and moisturising the face with pH balanced products (such as SkinB5) will help to keep outbreaks at bay, as well as having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Harsh topical acne creams, despite their positive reputation, can easily irritate and damage the skin. Instead, opt for gentle products that cleanse the skin rather than dry it out. As we age, our skin dries out more, which can lead to acne. For adults, one of the most important ways to treat acne is to hydrate the skin. Drinking plenty of water and keeping skin moisturised is a big factor in combating adult acne, particularly if you work in an office where the air conditioning or heating systems are running constantly. You should also be aware that, as you age, your pores become larger, making it easier for them to get blocked up. Washing your face with cold water and exfoliating regularly will help keep skin fresh and pores clear. Hopefully these tips help in keeping your skin clear, no matter what age you are!
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