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Hemp is nature’s superpower. You have to see the nutrition in this stuff. Soon SkinB5 is bringing you a thrilling natural supplement powder, Clear Skin Superfood Booster with Organic Australian Hemp and Marine Collagen. With all this buzz about hemp and the other new sativa-based health products coming in, it seems like we’ve just stumbled on a whole world of ancient benefits. Most people don’t know even a portion of what this plant can do for you. So let’s find out about the newest yet oldest member of the supplement family. Firstly, hemp is packed with vitamin E and many of the minerals you’ll find in SkinB5 products such as zinc and potassium. It has a nice blend of the fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, in just the right ratio for human health. The almighty Omegas are easy to get if you know which foods to eat, but you need to know (Lifehack: Most things in a trendy cafe’s brunch menu). Because of those nice fatty acids, hemp oil does a good job treating eczema, and with edible hemp they’re going right into your digestive system. Steak has between 20 and 30 grams of protein per 100g. Hemp? 33. Hemp manages to do all this without containing any of the THC that got the sativa plant banned in the first place (although, yes, ancient sages used to throw its buds onto hot coals believing it could help them speak to gods). The only effect hemp has on the person who takes it is great health. Maybe you’ve seen one of the old-fashioned Popeye cartoons, when the sailor Popeye needs strength so he cracks open a can of spinach, swallows it and then beats up some bad guys. This happened because of a typo in a famous study, which made people believe spinach had 10 times the protein it did. This was hard to learn since I love spinach, but now I’m finding out the answer all along was hemp. It’s steak that grows on shrubs. Hemp is a huge deal if you’re into fitness and vegetarian, keto or just prefer plant protein, which tends to use peas. While it does the trick, pea protein doesn’t have quite the same punch as animal protein. But, as you know, hemp got you. It’s more digestible than most high-protein plants too. That brings us to what else you should know about this superpowered plant:

About those amino acids ...

The difference between the protein in most plants and a ‘whole’ protein like steak is an amino acid called lysine. It’s a basic ingredient in your body’s protein and even treats cold sores. Hemp’s got it. As for hemp’s other amino acids, glutamic acid powers your nervous system, methonine makes your metabolism go and cysteine flushes toxic stuff out of your body. The amino acid arginine in hemp can reduce your risk of heart disease by giving your body nitric oxide. It’ll even settle down an inflammation marker known as C-reactive protein. If you’ve had a heart attack, it helps recovery. Stearidonic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (a form of Omega-6) have the benefits of fish. SDA can reduce inflammation. Gamma linolenic acid may turn out to help with eczema and arthritis, and probably treats nerve damage from diabetes. We may be 85% water but we’re also made of meat, and the most important difference between your meat and a plant is amino acids. So it makes sense that if you’re exercising regularly, or enjoying the hormone miracle that is lifting weights, you want a protein that will replace the fatty and amino acids in the muscles you just tore up. Hemp got you. So that’s all blow-your-top exciting, but it gets better. Hemp uses very little water. And sativa, the plant that drops all those hemp seeds? It’s one of the fastest growing in nature. So that’s the health side. Now we really have to get into the protein of this info, the most important question …

Does it taste okay?

Like so much good food these days, it’s delicious. Hemp has an earthy, starchy taste. Think about the satisfying flavour of nuts high in protein and good fats, like almonds or walnuts. Also, hemp seeds are technically nuts. This gives us nothing but potential. Savoury meals are totally possible, but with a staple that people have been using for at least 10,000 years, we must have all different flavours of hemp, right? Exactly. Last time I had hemp seeds was in chocolate. It had a toasted flavour, everything good about coffee without the bad stuff. It had the charm of puffed wild rice and was easy on the teeth. But I may be biased. I was in Amsterdam. The point is, hemp can do anything, and the steak of the trees is here at last. Peter Matthews is a freelance writer living in Melbourne. He regularly lifts weights for health and has been using whey protein all this time like some basic Bob. His favourite fish is blue grenadier. Sources:
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