Coping with Acne: The Emotional Battle

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Acne clearly has an impact on our physical appearance, but acne also inflicts powerful emotional and psychological damage in sufferers. When you or someone you know suffers from severe or stubborn acne, there are some things you can do to help. Understanding your acne: Acne is part of everyone’s lives at some point, whether you are a teenager or an adult. While you or someone you know may be upset with their acne, the key is for them to understand that it is a common problem and there are effective and safe ways to treat and prevent it. By researching with a local doctor or dermatologist, you can identify what type of acne it is and what is the best method of treatment. Not Stressing: Life is filled with stressful times, however, it is scientifically proven that stress is a powerful inducer of acne by upsetting your hormonal balance. By chilling out, calming down, and staying emotionally centered, you or someone you know with acne, may find that they break out less often. Talking to others: Acne can take quite a toll on someone’s emotional health. Some people with severe acne, unfortunately, can become reclusive, self-hating and depressed. These are serious mental health concerns and should be dealt with by a professional. In the first instance, speak with family and close friends openly about how you feel and ask for their help to find appropriate treatments. Talking to a counsellor or psychologist about feelings of self-depreciation can prevent any further damage. Living a healthier life: Genetically some people may be more likely to experience acne at some point in life. However, the importance of a healthy lifestyle should not be overlooked. Acne can be the kick you need to start a cleaner eating and exercise driven life, and will make you feel better about yourself! Knowing you aren’t your acne! People with acne can feel like that is all other see when they talk to them. It’s not true! While clear skin is the ultimate goal, don’t let acne take away your sense of self-worth. Let yourself or someone you know with acne remember that they are loved and cherished, with or without acne!
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