Healthy Skin Resolutions for 2017

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Can you believe we’ve already flipped our calendars over to 2017? It’s also about that time where many are talking about already failing at their new year’s resolutions. Resolutions aren't just for New Years. To keep you on track, we’ve compiled a list of resolutions that will help pave the way for clearer, healthier skin in every month of 2017 and beyond. Drink More Water Drink. More. Water. While you may have heard these 3 dreaded words many times before, they are definitely worth heeding. Drinking your recommended H20 isn’t only vital for a heathy body and mind, but it also encourages youthful, fresh, and vibrant skin. To help you stick to this resolution, make water more interesting by investing in some stainless steel straws. On top of avoiding plastic products, you’ll also be able to save money by using them over and over again. Make water flavourful by infusing some sliced lemon and mint. Chia seeds can also add some interesting texture to water as well while providing a boost of fibre. Simply sprinkle 2 teaspoons into your bottle and before you know it, they’ll take on a jelly-like quality. For times where you’d like something extra special, grab your favourite wine glass and pour sparkling water over crushed ice. To achieve a burst of flavour, top it off with slices of lime, strawberries, and mint. Delicious! Quit Unhealthy Habits There’s always a debate as to what constitutes an unhealthy habit. Some may say it’s unhealthy to binge watch Gilmore Girls (I admit, I did feel a little dazed), while others may say it’s unhealthy to skip breakfast. All in all, it’s quite clear that an unhealthy habit is one that causes harm to yourself or someone else. It’s a great idea to allow yourself some quiet time to reflect on any habits that may be creating a negative impact in your life. Perhaps you often indulge in gossip sessions, or maybe you smoke. There may be days on end where you down bags of peanut M&Ms, or times where you find it impossible to loosen your grip on an alcoholic or sugary drink. Whatever your habit, it’s important to open up and seek support from a trusted loved one to help ignite positive change in your life. Take Control Of Problem Skin Don’t give up the good fight when battling problem skin. When it comes to acne, it’s important to evaluate your diet and lifestyle to see if the frustration on the outside is a symptom of something on the inside. Does your diet boast nourishing, whole foods? Do you get your heart rate up each day with exercise? If not, implement these positive changes into your lifestyle and try out SkinB5’s Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets. With powerful, natural ingredients including vitamin B5, B3, zinc, and silicon, these tablets not only help control serious acne, but they can support healing, reduce stress, and encourage healthy immune function as well. Enjoy Healthy Doses of Sunshine We all need a bit of sunshine in our lives. It’s good for us! The vitamin D that we take in from the sun regulates how our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also improves our immune functioning and regulates moods to help fight depression – something that can be difficult for those living in countries with colder and cloudier weather, where the occurrence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is said to increase. The risk of skin cancers and sunburn, however, makes some feel as if they should avoid the sun altogether. In order to aim for a healthy balance, be sure to take in sunshine with your body’s best interests at heart. Whenever you’re in the sun, protect your skin with a natural sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Don’t forget to apply non-greasy sunscreen on the backs of your hands and on your arms when you’re driving as well. On top of this, opt for UV protective sunglasses and a hat when outdoors. This will ensure that you get a healthy dose of mood-boosting sunshine in a way that promotes protected, youthful skin. What do you think of our list of skin resolutions for 2017? Head over to our Facebook page to share your goals for next year. Renee Meyer Headshot Renee is a 20-something writer who has a love-hate relationship with fictional characters. If she doesn’t have her eyes glued to the big screen, you’ll find her chasing sunsets by the water. Having grown up with sensitive skin, she’s passionate about sharing and celebrating natural products that really work.
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