How Safe is Your Acne Medication?

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Acne Product Removed from Market After Causing Deaths What would you do if you found out the acne medication you are taking was linked to four deaths? It’s not often that a drug is removed from the market or declared “dangerous and deadly” but it has happened before, and the latest suspect? Diane 35 a prescription acne medication (also used as a contraceptive) which has led to the death of four French women over the past several years. Scary? We think so! Diane 35 is not a trial drug or even a new drug. It has been used by people just like you and me to treat acne, and has been around for over 25 years! It wasn’t until recently that researchers discovered this acne drug increases users chance of getting blood clots by FOUR times, and was linked to the death of four people. The French Government has announced its plan to fully REMOVE Diane 35 from the market over the next three months, however, no other government has taken action yet and Diane 35 is still used by thousands of women to treat their acne. News about dangerous acne drugs is not new to us. In a world where doctors can write a prescription for virtually any ailment, these drugs are commonplace. But the million dollar question is what kind of long term effects do these drugs have? Roaccutane (also known as Accutane or Isotretinoin) is another controversial mainstream prescription acne treatment which has been documented to cause birth defects in pregnant women and can lead to overly dry skin, sun sensitivity and psychological problems. It has even been linked with several depression related suicides over the past few years. Because these drugs have only been on the market for a few decades, the full effects of taking them long term or for a lifetime are still unknown. Unfortunately, in many cases acne is not a condition that can go untreated. While it poses little harm to one’s physical health, severe acne can lower self-esteem and confidence and even lead to depression. Potent prescription drugs with questionable side effects and topical acne treatments that provide little relief, leave acne sufferers with few options. Recently, many teenagers and adults alike with all types of acne have been turning to an increasingly well known and reputable natural alternative acne treatment system SkinB5; proclaimed by many users as “the natural acne treatment that actually works!” SkinB5 is an internal nutritional supplement, treating acne where it starts—from within—rather than just on the surface like many over the counter acne treatments. Furthermore, SkinB5 is 100% natural and is based on a combination of vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to reduce acne. Many naturopaths recommend SkinB5 as a natural alternative to prescription acne treatments because it is safe for all ages and has no undesirable side effects. Luckily, acne sufferers now have an array of different treatment options on the market; from powerful prescription drugs to topical face washes and all-natural acne supplements. No two people have the same skin or acne condition, so the best approach to a healthy, effective acne treatment is to read the facts, do some research and consider the future effects of an acne medication before buying.
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