How to Survive Bad Acne

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If you’ve ever had those moments where you wake up with a really bad break out or one huge pimple and you would really rather stay at home and hide, you aren’t alone! This is something nearly everyone has experienced at some time in their lives. While it isn’t the most pleasant experience there are a few steps to help you survive bad acne:

Don’t Pick or Pop!

Touching, squeezing or picking at acne can force the debris further into the skin, cause an infection, and also lead to scarring

Eat Less Dairy

There is significant research that indicates that dairy food can increase acne. This doesn’t mean you should cut out dairy altogether, but try not to overindulge. Take SkinB5 Regularly SkinB5’s Acne Control Tablets – Extra Strength is suitable for all skin types. Our advanced formula delivers proven clear skin by delivering vitamins and minerals where your body needs them. The SkinB5 starter pack has everything you need. It’s important to take the dose recommended on the bottle to ensure you are giving your skin the best chance. Girls – Remove Your Makeup It’s essential for girls to remove their make up before exercise or bedtime. Leaving your make up on can further clog your skin and contribute to the spread of bacteria that in turn can cause more acne breakouts.

Shower After Exercising

Going to the gym can actually be causing you acne. When you exercise you sweat. When you mix that with oil, makeup and whatever else is on your skin it can become clogged. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t exercise, but it’s really important that you shower immediately afterward to ensure you are washing away all the build up on your skin. Bad acne can undoubtedly get you down and leave you feeling like you want to hide. It’s important to try not to stress (this can make acne worse) and to remember the beauty shines from the inside out.
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