In Search of a Safe Acne Treatment that Works

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SkinB5 Offers an Effective Natural Alternative to Dangerous Acne Drugs Prescription acne drug, Diane 35 deaths have been the latest buzz in newspapers and online health and acne forums around the world. With multiple countries banning the popular acne drug and contraceptive pill after four related deaths, acne sufferers have become sceptical of their acne treatments, and rightfully so. This isn’t the first time a routine acne medication has led to crisis. Isotretinoin, a common prescription acne medication, has been linked to birth defects, depression, psychological illness, severe dryness of skin and even a few suicides, yet it remains one of the top prescribed acne medications around the world. So what is an effective acne treatment solution? Acne needs to be treated at the source, with a treatment that won’t have any dangerous side effects or harm other functions of the body. With a slew of dangerous acne drugs on the market, many acne sufferers are turning to homemade acne remedies and alternative natural treatments. Many research studies point to various minerals and vitamins which can support skin health and even reduce acne. The leading natural acne cure is Vitamin B5, which is clinically proven to reduce acne by regulating skin oil production. However, one of these natural acne supplements is not enough to cure acne alone. In 2006, after extensive research entrepreneur and natural health enthusiast Judy Cheung got the idea to create an all-natural acne treatment supplement that is effective, side effect-free and most importantly safe. “I have a lifelong passion for alternative, medicine and wanted to give acne sufferers a REAL natural solution to acne and an alternative to dangerous prescription acne medications and chemical face washes. After extensive review of existing clinical data and naturopathic textbooks, I came up with SkinB5— an internal acne supplement based on sound scientific research.” SkinB5 is a unique and potent combination of eight powerful acne clearing key vitamins and minerals, at carefully determined dosages to restore skin health by regulating skin oil production and hormones, reducing stress and boosting the immune system—leading to an overall decrease in acne lesions and inflammation. Shortly after its launch in 2006, positive customer feedback came pouring in proving SkinB5’s success as a leading Vitamin B5 based natural acne treatment system. Since its launch, SkinB5 has expanded into an all-natural five product line which treat acne both internally and externally. "I am a long time acne sufferer and have tried almost every product on the market including prescription drugs. The drug worked, but only temporarily. Since it is a potent medication and has the potential for harmful side effects it is not an option as a long standing treatment. SkinB5 has provided me a long term option and has been the only product that has proven to clear my acne almost completely, naturally," writes Julie Blair, a SkinB5 user from the United States. "I just wanted to send in a message about my SkinB5 experience. Honestly, thank you so much! I have suffered from acne for so many years, I have spent thousands of dollars on acne treatments. Since day one of the SkinB5 treatment I saw the results, I stopped breaking out almost straight away! My face has cleared dramatically! This is the first treatment that I have found which is easy to use, and actually works! I wish I took a before and after shot, because I still can't believe the results! Thank you so much! A very happy customer!“ submitted by another amazed SkinB5 user Dallas Wellby from Australia. “Many of our customers come to us after trying almost every acne treatment on the market. They find that SkinB5 works even better than prescription medications, and without the horrible side effects and actually improves overall health,” says Cheung. “I’m so happy that with SkinB5 I can give teens and adults an effective, safe and natural alternative acne treatment, and save them from the scarring grief that many prescription acne drugs can cause.”
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