Men’s night time skincare is becoming a thing and it’s about time.

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In the beauty world, there’s something called a night kit. It’s a collection of products that help prepare your face for sleep. This kind of skincare is super important for everyone, and night might just be the most important time to prepare your face for looking good. Night kits are being packaged for men now. Many of us don’t think about what we can do for our skin at night before we go to bed. This is surprising, since most men now wear cosmetics like moisturiser. Think about that. When you’re out with your guy friends, statistically, most of them are wearing something on their skin. How exciting. Caring for our bodies is becoming normal, and now it’s time for us to nail down these healthy new habits. Your body acts in different ways depending on time of day. At night, if things are good and your routine is regular, you’re being flooded with melatonin and the other natural chemicals that tell you to relax, shake off the day and start to sleep. And every night when you’re fast asleep, your body starts Spring cleaning. The old cells fall away and your skin tissue get mended, so that every morning your body is a bit fresher. The better you sleep, the better your body is at tidying up for tomorrow. But there are risks, and you’ll only come out of a good sleep looking fresh and new if you prepare right.

It’s cleansing time

Since your body is not cleaning itself, let’s give it a hand. You want to take off the grit, grime and maybe even makeup that you’ve collected. Most important, at night we’ll be clearing away the sebum that gets in the pores and causes acne. How do we cleanse?
  • Use a gentle foaming cleanser, like the SkinB5 Cleansing Mousse. Apply it to your face.
  • Soak a washcloth or natural sponge in warm water.
  • Gently rub your face, ears and neck. Don’t apply pressure.
  • Rub again to make sure you’re clean.
It’s that simple. Exfoliating cleansers exist but you don’t necessarily need them, and the chemicals might just do you more harm than good. You also might be allergic. The same goes for disposable cleansing wipes. You might think that dampening your face will shine it up, but cleansing reduces shine. It’s best to do this twice daily. Washing when you brush your teeth is a good rule.


When your face is clean, it’s a good time to apply a product like SkinB5 Moisturiser. Your face is most ready for natural cosmetics when their nutrients can get straight to the skin and there’s no dirt to interfere. Having a layer of moisturiser at night will actually shield you from any bacteria in the air. SkinB5 vitamins are also designed to increase your immunity so you are more resistance to breakouts. And now we have to talk about pillows. I love my pillows, you probably do too, but those things are a bacteria wonderland. We need a night time routine because we spend eight hours a day with our cheeks in a big cloud of mites and old skin. As night goes on, your face loses moisture while your body gets to work repairing and cleaning. All you can do is buy good pillows and rub on your hydrating war paint.

Help yourself heal

Even a classic internal skincare like SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets can do wonders. Night is great time to have some supplements in your body, because this is when all the recovery and growing happens. If you exercise, your muscles are about to start repairing themselves and you’ll need nutrients. Some of those nutrients also repair your skin, like B5, zinc, silica and collagen.

Get plenty of sleep

Here’s where the night routine is really make or break. If you don’t sleep enough, the new cells don’t quite come through and the old tend to stick around. Your sebum levels really get unleashed. You become oily. It’s normal for a person who doesn’t sleep much to have blackheads and breakouts. The best trick is to pay attention when you start getting tired. Now is your chance to take care of your skin. Turn off your screens (even this one), start relaxing and find your way to bed when you can. The average adult needs between seven and eight hours. If you’re hitting the gym, you’ll probably need a little more. But when you sleep well and follow a good night routine, things will be amazing. You’ll wake up early and enthusiastic, your face will be clear and you won’t just look good, you’ll feel good. Peter Matthews is a freelance writer living in Melbourne. He believes just about anything can be cured by drinking more water. It’s his favourite moisturiser, well, apart from SkinB5.

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