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The Complex Nutritional Needs of Our Bodies

Good dietary advice can often be summarised quite simply: eat more fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, consume whole, unprocessed foods<1>. The reasons behind this logic are much more complicated, involving a whole array of chemical reactions and bodily functions which rely on the varied nutrients in these foods.

Our varying needs

No two bodies are the same, and as such, we all have slightly different requirements when it comes to health. As well as this, our bodies don’t function as isolated systems, and each organ and cell must communicate with others in order to work optimally. So it makes sense that supplements need to be formulated with this in mind, as no single nutrient can fulfil all the needs of our body. We need a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods because of the diversity of nutrients they provide. For example, lycopene<2> in tomatoes is protective of the heart, broccoli is a great source of calcium<3>, and the beta-glucan<4> found in oats is great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. You wouldn’t rely on just one of these foods to fulfil all your nutritional needs, so why would you rely on a single ingredient to help with a health condition?

Acne as a complex condition

There are many factors which affect acne, including hormonal imbalances, poor digestive systems and stress, to name a few. It’s often a vicious cycle our bodies are stuck in, where the presence of acne causes stress, stress then aggravates the acne, and around we go. As there are so many aspects to acne, it doesn’t make sense to use a single-ingredient treatment. Treating stress might help to reduce the severity of acne, but if the underlying cause is constipation or PMS, then there’s only so much impact that treatment can have. As such, it’s best to approach acne holistically, with diet and supplements that have an effect on all factors which play a role in skin health.

A balanced approach

A supplement designed to assist with wellness needs to match the sophisticated needs of our bodies with an equally well-formulated product. In the case of acne, it’s important to address all possible factors, including hormonal imbalance, stress, bacteria, toxic residual waste and poor gut function. A well-designed formula can have a positive impact on health, especially while changes are being made to your diet and lifestyle. The skinB5 range of acne supplements and superfood booster are designed to cover a range of nutrition with a specific focus on acne and it’s many causes. As each person is different, we provide several different formulations to cover your specific needs. With a balanced diet and appropriate treatment, acne can be a thing of the past. <1> <2> <3> <4>

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