Podcast - Controlling Acne From The Inside Out With SkinB5 founder Judy Cheung-Wood

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Today on the Go Vita Podcast we are talking acne, with Marcus Pearce

If you’re like me and grew up on a steady diet of white bread, white sugar, white pasta, junk food, processed chocolate, lollies and soft drinks, chances are you had acne. It was a major part of my teenage years and early twenties and for 90% of Australians and the global community, acne will show up at least once in your life.

To find out why this is – and I want to know if it’s all about diet or not – we go straight to the top to Judy Cheung-Wood – founder of skinB5 and internationally respected acne expert. Judy has been in the skincare industry for well over a decade and what I love about Judy is that she’s dedicated to treating acne nutritionally and serving as a pioneer in making acne treatment products more effective.

Discovering Vitamin B5
How Vitamin B5 works
Getting enough Vitamin B5
Origin of SkinB5™  
The SkinB5 Acne Control System 
Acne and diet
Stress and acne
 Hormones and acne
PCOS and acne
Dehydration and acne
 Movement and acne
Importance of washing after exercise

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