Podcast - Controlling Acne From The Inside Out With SkinB5 founder Judy Cheung-Wood

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Today on the Go Vita Podcast we are talking acne, with Marcus Pearce

If you’re like me and grew up on a steady diet of white bread, white sugar, white pasta, junk food, processed chocolate, lollies and soft drinks, chances are you had acne. It was a major part of my teenage years and early twenties and for 90% of Australians and the global community, acne will show up at least once in your life.

To find out why this is – and I want to know if it’s all about diet or not – we go straight to the top to Judy Cheung-Wood – founder of skinB5 and internationally respected acne expert. Judy has been in the skincare industry for well over a decade and what I love about Judy is that she’s dedicated to treating acne nutritionally and serving as a pioneer in making acne treatment products more effective.

Discovering Vitamin B5
How Vitamin B5 works
Getting enough Vitamin B5
Origin of SkinB5™  
The SkinB5 Acne Control System 
Acne and diet
Stress and acne
 Hormones and acne
PCOS and acne
Dehydration and acne
 Movement and acne
Importance of washing after exercise
Adult Acne alcohol and acne B5 Acne B5 acne treatment Category_SKIN CONDITIONS>Acne Treatment

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