Rest Up this Holiday Season; Reward your Skin

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We talk a lot about the effects of stress on the skin, but to some people it is a mystery as to how stress actually affects the skin. There are a number of biological factors, but mostly this is due to increased production of the stress hormone, Cortisol. It’s important to note that Cortisol is necessary when the body is in survival mode, for whatever reason, and that optimal amounts of Cortisol can be life saving for a person. Cortisol helps to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure, but when you stew on a problem, the body continuously releases Cortisol and chronic elevated levels can lead to serious issues. Too much Cortisol can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and sugar, decrease libido, produce acne and contribute to obesity, and more. So how do you avoid constant stress and stress related breakouts? Find ways to relax and to wind down, allowing yourself to be calm and have times where you a stress free. When working or raising children (or both), it can feel like you have to be constantly on alert, but its really not good for you in the long term You need to put things in perspective and allow yourself some time to rest. During the holidays, try these tips: - Take a real holiday Book out some time where you actually don’t have to work. Even for a few days its important you give yourself some time off to recharge - Social sport In the warmer weather there’s plenty of twilight sporting competitions around and you don’t even need to be really good at the sport, think casual mixed netball or a local badminton club. You could even find some fun beach volleyball competitions that are great way to exercise, relax and meet new people - Read a book But not for work or about parenting or dieting or how to be better at anything, read a fictional novel in a genre that you enjoy. Sometimes reading before bed is a good way to take your mind off everything else and ensure you get a solid, rejuvenating night’s sleep - Walk, walk, walk It’s hard to go past a good walk, maybe with a buddy and around a nice location like a local park or bike/walking track. It may sound contrite, but when you’re surrounded by nature it’s almost impossible to be stressed! Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and don’t stare at your phone for too long…DO IT…for YOU!
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