The Vitamin B5 Secret – Curing Acne with One Small Pill

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SkinB5’s B5 formulation works from WITHIN to treat all types of acne

Medical researchers and health professionals have long been aware the acne fighting power of Vitamin B5, but it wasn’t until recently that the first B5 based all natural acne treatment came out on the market. SkinB5—an internal supplement based on the acne-fighting properties of Vitamin B5 is currently the most well-known internal alternative acne treatment in Australia and its reputation is fast spreading, being the acne treatment of choice in over 13 countries outside of Australia, particularly South Korea and USA are amongst the fastest growing markets for SkinB5. SkinB5 users have been proclaiming SkinB5’s powerful acne clearing properties all over social media and the internet. “My skin is by no means perfect… but I have my life back. I can look in the mirror, and go out and not feel like a monster…having my self-esteem back is helping my healing journey dramatically,” writes Isabella, one SkinB5 user. “The emotional effects of acne are tremendous! Persistent acne problem could lead to depression, low self-esteem and fear of bullying and ridicule by peers. Most of our customers have tried every acne treatment on the market, including prescription drug and other topical treatments, with no results or unbearable side effects. Our customers get quite emotional when they try SkinB5 with typical scepticism of acne products and to their surprise they actually see real results,” said Judy Cheung, SkinB5 Managing Director, “Our customers hence are very loyal to us because unlike other acne products, our products ACTUALLY WORK and acne sufferers can finally get their lives back. Being able to offer an effective and safe solution to despair teens, young adults and their parents makes us very happy and we like to think that SkinB5 helps make the world a happier, prettier place!” SkinB5’s flagship product, Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets is based on extensive research and innovative combination of Vitamin B5 and seven other natural vitamins and minerals. The formulation works by regulating sebum (skin oil) production, eventually eliminating acne. Excess sebum clogs pores creating whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and fostering excess bacteria growth. When sebum is reduced to normal levels acne is not present. SkinB5’s formulation also contains nutrients that help balance the hormones which is also a main cause of acne. Unlike topical acne applications, SkinB5 works from within to treat the problem where it starts. “There are several Vitamin B5 based acne supplements on the market, but do your research before you buy,” warns Cheung. “Many of these acne pills contain extremely high levels of Vitamin B5—upwards of ten grams a day or 20 capsules. While B5 is usually not toxic at these high levels, it is water soluble, meaning the majority of the dosage will be rejected by your body and not helpful in treating acne, plus at these extremely high levels of B5 ingested diarrhoea will be experienced.” Combined with supporting ingredients, SkinB5 is able to effectively cure acne with a relatively low dosage of maximum three grams of Vitamin B5 per day. This is equivalent to the dosage of Vitamin B5 for acne treatment recommended in the Physician’s Handbook of Clinical Nutrition. Another common B5 acne supplement is sold in liquid form. While this is not dangerous, B Vitamins are highly unstable in liquid form, which means after only a few months the supplement would have no potency left. Individuals respond different to all kinds of acne treatments, and finding the right one can take time and some experimentation. “Just be patient and diligent with your SkinB5 complete acne care regime,” recommends Cheung, “clear skin and a happy, confident life is priceless!”
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