That thing everyone says they have to do more for clear skin.

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We’re always hearing about how great meditation is. If you look up meditation in the dictionary, you’ll see the words “That thing everyone says they have to do more.” Okay, not really. Other sentences everyone says about meditation include “Ohmygod it changed my life,” “It just totally balances you out” and “You just feel better, you know?” People aren’t great at explaining what it is and does, but I think I can break it down for you. Meditation is also the perfect partner to your SkinB5 products.

So what are the actual benefits?

Well, it causes a bunch of brain changes that result in you being more content - anxiety lessens, compassion grows, grey matter thickens (so you’re better at thinking and regulating your emotions). It keeps the brain young so you can keep looking youthful. It even makes you more comfortable around other people. Over time, meditation makes you far more focused, which causes everything to feel a bit more real. You become more aware, like drinking coffee without the nervous buzz. So many of us have a nervous buzz these days. If you know much about how your body works, you’ll know that all these things are great for your skin. They affect how oily your skin gets, and if you control them, you control your complexion. At SkinB5 we don’t just give you acne control products, we encourage you to live a healthy life. And meditation might be the healthiest thing I can recommend.

How do you do it?

I know, it’s tricky if you’ve never tried it. So many people say they just can’t make it work. But I believe everyone already meditates, they just don’t realise it. Here, I’ll prove it. Think of something that grabs all your attention. Every little bit. It might be your favourite food, a long hug or a compliment. A moment where everything is fine and you don’t have to think about anything. That’s meditation. When you take time for meditation, you’re training yourself to let everything be fine just for a moment. Later on, you can watch the news, complain to your Internet company and try to make the world a better place by dealing with things that aren’t okay, but just for now, you want to accept everything in your world for what it is. When you’re in that mindset, you’re doing literally nothing and it feels perfect. This paragraph is a meditation. Maybe you’re doing it now. It takes time to get the knack, but you get better every time you try. I’ve been doing this every day for about 10 years now, so I started as a teenager. It takes so much to frustrate me that it actually frustrates people. Every so often someone will take my parking spot or my headphone cord will get caught on a table corner and my earbuds go flying. You know, little things that drive people insane. After a while of me tolerating this stuff, my friends get mad at me and ask “Why aren’t you angry?” I’m not angry because I have the choice not to be. We’re told so often that we have to get angry, that bad things are happening. It’s good to create positive change in the world, but honestly, people get equally angry at actual injustice and that one band whose music they can’t stand. It goes to show that getting all red-faced isn’t always constructive. The adrenaline makes your skin greasy and cranks up the chance of breakouts, too. Meditation has taught me that when we have the choice to stay calm, we stay calm. People are naturally really chill. We’re level-headed, clear-skinned and beautiful by default. But in a world full of mad messages, it’s easy to get carried away in your head. That’s why I’m glad to be on this blog, talking about a healthy lifestyle. When you’re taking Acne Control Caplets, it pays well to stay calm, sit down and do literally nothing for a moment every day. Peter Matthews is a media student and poet living in Melbourne. Despite years of meditation, he has acted in many angry roles on stage and screen. His favourite B vitamin is B6, but B5 is nice too. Sources:
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