Why acne isn’t just for teenagers

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When many people think of someone with acne, many times they automatically think of teens. But is acne limited to only teenagers? Absolutely not. Some people suffer acne well beyond their teenage years, and occasionally acne doesn’t rear its head until their 20’s or 30’s! There are many sufferers out there who have breakouts well into their 40’s and 50’s.

Statistics say that 25% of adult males, and 50% of adult females will experience breakouts at some stage during their adult years - it is strikingly more common for women due to the hormonal fluctuations. Sadly, one third of adults who get acne also suffer with it on their back and body. The international Journal of Cosmetic Science stated in 2004 that “there appears to be an increase in post-adolescent acne, and that the disease is lasting longer and is requiring treatment well into the mid-forties.” One of the reasons for acne being more common in adults is postulated to be the common western diet (Melnick, 2012) which contributes to hormonal problems and sebum control.

Adult acne can often be a continuation of the hormonal acne that began in the teens. This is a very common cause for men, however sometimes there can be external and internal changes that begin later in life to cause the breakouts. These can be changes in hormones from childbirth, contraceptive medications or menopause for women; and things such as dietary changes, nutrient deficiencies and stress can affect both sexes.

It is so important to treat adult acne from within to get to the core of the problem. Treating the breakouts externally may reduce some inflammation and clean the pores, but it certainly will not assist the underlying cause of hormonal imbalances etc.

The same approach can be taken to treat adult acne as with teenagers, but getting to the root cause of the problem is essential. The most likely cause is a change in adult hormones which causes the breakouts, therefore my recommendation is to use the SkinB5’s Acne Control Tablets with the high strength vitamin B5, along with their Acne Control Caplets which contains Vitex. Vitex is a herb traditionally used for hormone balancing, and studies have shown that it can greatly assist in reducing breakouts. The Tablets contain a powerful dose of vitamin B5 and zinc, along with other important nutrients, which are often required in higher doses when one is under stress. The nutrients in the Tablets & Caplets are also important for the production of hormones – Zinc is involved in over 300 different processes in the body, and if you are Zinc deficient you are more likely to experience hormonal imbalances, lower resistance to infections and more frequent mood fluctuations.

Adult acne has long been a challenge for sufferers to get control of. Thankfully science is now beginning to understand the root cause, and therefore the natural treatment of adult acne has been hugely successful. I have seen many people use the SkinB5 internal & external regime, and finally become blemish-free for the first time in their adult life.

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Haley is a passionate Naturopath & nutrition expert, writer, and mum of 2 young children, with years of experience in the industry. She is a known as a real 'nutrition nerd' and follows the latest natural health research. As a Paleo and raw food enthusiast, she coaches people in healthy living, beauty and positive mindset. Haley has personally experienced the benefits of the SkinB5 natural acne treatment system and is happy to offer her guidance to help others regain clear skin. Follow her blog at www.aliveinwonderland.com & link with her on facebook at www.facebook.com/aliveinwonderlandhealth
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