Butt acne. Buttne.

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Butt acne. Buttne. It affects millions of people, especially in winter. So what is it and why does it seem so different from all the other acne? First of all, buttne isn’t actually acne.

It’s not acne?

Buttne is a whole other condition. Acne is a flare-up on your face, chest or back. Blocked pores, pimples and cysts all count. It starts in the skin. Buttne starts in the hair follicles. The skin around your follicles becomes irritated, and the body treats it in a similar way to acne - a bunch of little red bumps all over your butt. The medical term for buttne is either folliculitis (shallow, itchy or irritating bumps) or carbuncles (a cluster of painful boils). Carbuncles can happen when folliculitis grows out of control. Think of it like an evolving Pokemon. Let it grow and it gets bigger, uglier and really starts to really beat you up.

So what gives me buttne and what takes it away?

Tight fitting clothes, waxing and constant rubbing of the follicles can do it. I know, all those things happen because you take care of yourself. Maybe you’re a footballer or a fighter, or you wax to look good (and more power to you!). Tight fitting clothes and constant rubbing can happen in the gym too. That’s right, the gym is the perfect buttne breeding ground. It doesn’t just punish people staying healthy, though. Even if you’re rugged up in clothes and blankets, avoiding exercise like your life depends on it, you can sweat and irritate the butt-skin by sitting on it too much. What’s more, sometimes buttne comes from a fungal infection and you can get that from any old piece of exercise equipment if you don’t shower enough. Dry skin can flare up the condition too. But there’s a solution. Maintain constant hygiene, wash yourself and your clothes right after you sweat. If you’ve been rubbing against loose clothes or bunched up in tight ones, another shower doesn’t hurt. Don’t scrub too hard or you’ll irritate the bumps which make them worse. Be sure not to pop them, because that irritates them too. Remember life’s golden rule: The gentler you are with your butt, the more comfortable you’ll be. Wear something loose to bed. Like with regular acne, buttne shows its bright, terrible head when we sweat. Tight clothes are good for sweat and also irritation. Think about using cotton underwear or something else breathable. A good range of skincare will help buttne. SkinB5 has a complete treatment range - if you want to treat one spot, you could try a Clean Skin Starter Pack which comes with Acne Control Caplets, Extra Strength Tablets, moisturiser and mousse. Now you’re hitting the buttne from all sides. Salicylic acid can help, and are good for preventing scars. Tea tree oil, lactic acid and zinc solutions too (many of our products have zinc in them, which regulates your skin oil and keeps the tissue healthy). And I know this is hard to hear in winter, but don’t sit for too long. Stretch your legs, keep moving and get plenty of fluids. This is how you practice safe binge watching.

How serious can buttne be?

Super serious. If our powerful range of products and a balanced diet doesn’t fix that buttne, it’s time for a doctor. It could be fungal, or carbuncles. Leave carbuncles alone and show them the respect a big, evolved monster deserves until your doctor can lance them and bandage you. Soon you’ll be all better.

It all sounds pretty manageable.

It’s so manageable. You just have to be good to yourself. Get vitamins, drink water, have plenty of showers and be good to your butt. Next time you go to scrub it, reach for a loofah and give it a pat. Your butt literally supports you. Peter Matthews is a weightlifter with good skin. He’s a tea guy even though he lives in Melbourne where coffee is winning. His favourite B vitamin is B6, the one that can give you vivid dreams. Sources http://www.allure.com/story/how-to-get-rid-of-butt-acne http://www.everydayhealth.com/acne/buttocks-breakouts.aspx https://bellatory.com/skin/What-Pimples-On-Buttocks-Mean-And-How-To-Get-Rid-Of-Them http://www.pulse.ng/mens-health/health-tips-4-ways-to-get-rid-of-butt-acne-id6270696.html https://www.dermeffacefx7.com/info/10-smart-steps-to-kick-butt-acne-to-the-curb/
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