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Over 40 and Still Getting Acne?

Here are some facts about adult acne to help understand why you may have adult acne and how you might treat it!
1. Acne Begins with Blocked Pores, aka "Blackheads" Acne is essentially blocked pores that have become infected. Most pimples begin with blackheads. Many believe that blackheads are the results of trapped dirt and grime in the skin. This is not true, they're in fact the result of oil and dead cells getting trapped in a pore, where they block the duct and mix with bacteria. When exposed to air the clogged pores turn black. Red pimples develop when blackheads become inflamed. Tip: Keep up a gentle cleansing regime 2. Blame it on Your Hormones Hormones are responsible for your adrenaline and sebum (oil) production. If you are experiencing increased emotional stress in your everyday life, this can affect your hormone balance and therefore exacerbate your adult acne. Tip: Integrate sport and relaxation techniques into your week to help release some of that tension. 3. Adult Acne is not the same as Teen Acne When we are young, our skin is tougher and thicker skin. As you age your skin thins out and weakens whilst your pores become larger and more prone to collecting dead skin cells and bacteria. Adult skin is a lot dryer too, which overall creates the perfect location for acne to thrive! Tip: Try a softer more sensitive cleanser and use it daily. Also moisturize habitually to help fight against your naturally drier skin. 4. Over-exfoliating Skin is bad! Many acne sufferers think the more product they use, the better their skin will get. I tried bathing my face in Clearasil pads several times a day and it did nothing to help me, and instead my skin became inflamed and more acne prone as a result. Try to stick to one product and always follow the directions. Tip: Stay away from facial scrubs. Even the gentlest ones made from ingredients natural ingredients, like brown sugar, can tear the skin! 5. Yes, You Can Still Wear Makeup if You Have Acne If you suffer from breakouts you may worry -- as I did – that you cannot wear make-up, for fear that your pores will become clogged. As longs as you are choosing the right make up for your skin! Tip: Choose natural based makeup and always ensure you remove makeup, cleanse and moisturise every night effectively.

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