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It’s easy to get caught up with a hectic schedule: dashing from class/ work/ seeing friends/ studying for exams/ prepping for a presentation/ everyday life can mean we the thought of cooking a meal at the end of a long day sounds as about as appealing as living in the Antarctic (It wouldn’t be great… trust me, I’m Canadian). But proper nutrition is a non-negotiable, especially for those on the go (and let’s be honest: isn’t that all of us?). Forgoing a healthful, balanced diet in lieu of a quick and easy bite doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, though. Enter the amazing new category that boasts a myriad of wellness benefits, fits into any lifestyle — no matter how busy — and is possibly one of the most versatile products available: the superfood powder. And what exactly is a superfood powder? We break down the details below.

Alllllll the Benefits

First of all, let’s start out with explaining what exactly a superfood powder is: a powerful blend of nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals, the superfood powder also offers essential fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, digestive enzymes and pre- and probiotics. Basically, it’s your entire days’ worth of everything you need, all in one easy and delicious place (because let’s face it: it’s no easy feat getting all the nutrients your body needs from whole foods alone). What’s even better? SkinB5’s Clear Skin Superfood Booster boasts an A+ in bioavailability, which means your body easily and readily absorbs and uses all the amazing nutrient-rich ingredients. In powder form, the ingredients can be carefully processed, which ensures each and every whole food nutrient is fully preserved, and therefore nutritionally-dense, offering a super-charged boost.

Who it’s for

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a grab-and-go mega-boost of essential minerals and vitamins, but those who are acne, breakouts, blemish prone, live life in the fast lane will especially appreciate a one and you’re done approach. For those who are time-poor, it’s important to ensure you’re not getting run down, and getting all your essentials in one place certainly eases the difficulty of doing so. Modern lifestyles can be overly demanding, and the rise of multifunctional food has become a helpful trend to eradicate the need for packing a multitude of meals and snacks on the daily.

Beneficial Ingredients with Results you can See and Feel from the Inside Out

There are heaps of helpful ingredients teeming with benefits in the Clear Skin Superfood Booster that improve skin’s look and feel, as well as truly boost overall health and vitality. For glowing and fresh skin, collagen, hemp protein, and spirulina all aid in the production of elastin, thanks to their super high vitamin and amino acid complexes, while omega fatty acids and zinc keep skin clear, hydrated and healthy. Also packed with super antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in the form of green tea, tomato, turmeric and horsetail, overall health, wellness and mood are also beneficially boosted. Other incredible and hard-working ingredients include Vitamins C and D, silica and marine collagen for radiant skin; echinacea, elderberry and lemon myrtle for immunity; maca, ginseng and Ashwagandha to promote a harmonized and cleansed being; spirulina, what grass and chlorella powder to powerfully alkalize; Probiotics, prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes to promote gut health; and B Vitamins to ease stress, which can contribute to hormonal imbalance and negatively affect skin.

How to Enjoy

Apart from tasting delightfully delicious and being incredibly easy to take on the go, SkinB5’s Clear Skin Superfood Booster’s possibilities are seemingly endless. While smoothies are an obvious choice, look beyond the blender and add a scoop to cereal, stir in a spoonful to fruit and vegetable juices, power up protein ball and salad dressing recipes with an added mega dose of nutrients, and savour raw, sweet desserts that much more with an extra-healthy addition. The bottom line: SkinB5’s Clear Skin Superfood Booster can and should be enjoyed any and every way you can think of! Get on board and get glowing from the inside out. Aimée Wice is a beauty junkie, fashion fanatic, health and fitness freak and travel lover currently living in love with her better half in Sydney. She has contributed to print and digital publications such as FASHION, Fitness First, Sporteluxe, Style Nest UK, Women’s Health Australia, The Beauty Insider,, The Huffington Post’s Blog, BEAUTY/Crew, Best Health Magazine, The Lifestyle Edit, Elite Daily, Esprit Magazine, ELLE Canada,, and Glow, to name a few.
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