Are superfoods even real?

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Are superfoods even real? And what do they do for my skin? This isn’t some exciting conspiracy theory. Sure, there are people who believe that Finland doesn’t exist and it’s all a big scheme. There’s another theory just like it, but with Australia. As an Australian, I don’t want them to be right, but this isn’t about whether I’m real (I am though). This is about why we think some foods do amazing things for your body and skin. Think of a superfood, the things that the cafe around the corner from you sneaks under your eggs. Kale, cauliflower, asparagus, sweeter things like blueberries and dark chocolate. What makes them super? You can Google plenty of social media posts that say superfoods are just regular foods, but healthy people want to sell them to you. At SkinB5 we’re healthy people, but we aren’t selling you vegetables. That means I can be honest about superfoods: They tend to be high in antioxidants. What are antioxidants? Ingredients that keep away some effects of oxygen. Wait, don’t we need oxygen to live? Sure, if you suck it into your lungs from the air and let your body do the rest. But oxygen does interesting things after it gets in your bloodstream. See, when something oxidises, it gets older - including your skin. There’s something poetic about needing to breathe the one thing that ages organic matter like trees or vegetables or you. But antioxidants can keep you youthful after the oxygen has come into your lungs and circulated all through you. They shield your molecules from oxidation.

What antioxidants are in skin products?

Copper and zinc are antioxidant minerals, and you’ll find them in our Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets. Green tea, which you’ll find in our moisturiser. It just makes sense that some good skincare ingredients will keep you looking fresh.

So it’s all about keeping your body young.

Even as an adult, when the cafe slips artichokes and kidney beans into my bowl of meat (they call it a salad but let’s be honest) I wonder if they’re trying to make me eat my vegetables. When they bring out a plate of white mash and I realise it’s cauliflower that they’ve spiced with goji berries and cumin, they might be impressing me so that I don’t notice this great big dose of vitamins. Then I remember that I’m an adult now. It’s easy to make vegetables delicious, and yes, just about everything that sells well at the cafe will keep you looking young. Look around. Most of these people are at least in their 30s, but they sure don’t look it. That couple with nice clothes and a baby aren’t really in their early 20s - remember being 22? You couldn’t keep your room clean and neither could I. But we’ve made it past that, we eat good food and edible fountains of youth are in right now. One more tip. If you want to stay on trend, keep an eye out for cabbage. It has a good amount of antioxidants. I never thought I’d say this, but sauerkraut is going to be a big deal. Peter Matthews is a cafe-dwelling millennial living in Melbourne. Most of his favourite things are high in antioxidants, like fried vegetables and fine tea. In his spare time, he works as a journalist.

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