How to deal with (not so nice) Christmas Comments

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Christmas can be a fabulous time, but unfortunately, some Christmas’s can be plagued with difficult family members and harsh comments resulting in a lot of anger or tears. This kind of stress is no good for your emotional well-being and, for those of us who suffer from skin issues, this kind of stress will show up on our skin! So how do you stay calm, enjoy your Christmas and maintain gorgeous skin to look stunning at all of the Christmas parties you’re invited to? What you choose to eat and drink goes a long way to healthy skin, as you know, but you can’t just stuff a bigger mouthful of food in your mouth, to stop us biting Aunty Mabel’s head off for commenting rudely on something you’re wearing or giving her scathing thoughts on your new partner. Often when someone makes a comment you either
  1. Internalize it - meaning you just grin and bear it, but it sits with you upsetting you and/or making you angry from then on
  2. Snapback – meaning a harsh comment is thrown back at Aunty Mabel, resulting in you feeling bad that you’ve been mean and your parents being mad at you because you’ve created a bad atmosphere!
But is there a simple way to avoid this? Of course – and it’s so simple anyone can manage it. So…Aunty Mabel has made her sly, negative comment about your new partner, who is the love of your life… You respond, “Are you trying to hurt my feelings, Aunty Mabel?” To this Aunty Mabel will probably respond something like this, “No, no dear, it’s just I don’t think anyone will ever be good enough for you, in my eyes…you’re just so gorgeous” Aunty Mabel clearly didn’t mean for her comment to hurt you, but had worded it in a way that ‘got to you’. Once she rephrased it is obvious that it’s just her, she loves you so much she doesn’t really want to let you go. A far easier thought to deal with! So give it a go, if you have a comment that makes you want to chuck a bucket of prawns on someone’s head…you’ll definitely feel better questioning the comment and not being remembered for being the one who had a Christmas argument with Aunty Mabel! Venessa is a down to earth Health Coach & RTT Therapist, specializing in helping clear your stress and problem skin through Holistic Simplicity. Her passion for healthy living, whole foods, skin care, stress reduction and improved digestion, is a result of years of acne and adrenal exhaustion issues that affected not only her body but confidence too. Venessa wants to share with you how Yoga & Mindfulness along with a natural, unprocessed diet and SkinB5 products can build flawless skin, amazing confidence, and a massive smile, as it has done for her’. Check out Venessa’s website for more details about how Health Coaching & RTT can transform your skin and life forever! J Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
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