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Maybe you’re thinking about a holiday, you just got back from one, or you’re travelling right now. The world is full of travellers and explorers. I happen to be Australian, which in the world’s eyes makes me a big blond shark wrestler, wandering all over the world with my surfboard (I am none of those things but I’ll take it). Travel is exciting because, along with all the other nice things, it comes with risks. Maybe you’ll misplace your wallet, maybe someone will steal your identity and start a club for men with small feet in your name. Maybe you’ll find love or your favourite spot in the world. And when you travel, you have to take extra care of your skin.

Why does my skin need extra care when I travel?

There are many curious reasons. Like ... The plane Low humidity dries out everything, including your skin. It doesn’t get much drier than the pressurised inside of a plane. There are hundreds of you, sitting together in your sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts, dreaming of beach chairs. It’s ironic that this is how it starts. Still, they have that movie you were meaning to watch. The view outside the window is amazing too. Beside drying the skin, this is when your skin oil really comes out. Where there’s oil, there’s acne. Eczema and rosacea is extra vulnerable. The SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets were made for times like this. Drink plenty of water and try some moisturiser. If you can keep your skin hydrated, you’ll beat the plane.

Eating right

It can be hard to find good nutrition overseas. Even in places that serve traditional cuisine, you may have a choice between fatty pastry and a literal deep-fried chocolate bar. Even if there are healthy options, you’ll make friends. Friends like to drink, stay up late and meet in the trendy district for literal deep fried chocolate. Sure, you could take more Extra Strength Tablets and just party, but sometimes you want to catch the sunrise. You can plan ahead, go out some nights and get up early some mornings. That’s how you see every side of your destination. You’ll get more sunlight too, which means more Vitamin D. That’s the happy vitamin. The downside of this plan is that interrupting your sleep schedule can mess with hormone production and cause acne. Every body is different, but it might be even better to decide whether this is an early morning or late night kind of trip. Yes, the better option might be to party as long as you get plenty of sleep and clean your face before bed. Figure out what situation makes your skin the clearest.


If you like adventure, chances are you’ll be wearing the same clothes a lot. I wrote a blog not long ago about how your pants can give you buttne, a special kind of acne that’s half pimple, half rash and all butt. The rest of your clothes can irritate your skin too if you’re active, which means regular pimples and rashes everywhere else. Wear comfortable clothes, not too tight. Tight clothes chafe the most. Keep them as washed as you can.

What else can I do?

Of course I’m going to suggest our supplements and topical range. When you’re travelling it makes sense to put on a Five Minute Face Mask. At this point you’re getting permanently pampered, even if it’s one of those trips where you bring shoes to a village then BASE jump away, landing inside a UN base in the forest. Just make sure you buy the shoes locally. Are you on a beach? Make time to enjoy it. It’ll clean your mind and body. There’s a reason why us beer drinking, pie obsessed Australians are known for our good looks. Seawater has all kinds of minerals, but one is especially good.


When you dip in saltwater, it’s like dropping a coin into a big glass of cola. You get washed and scrubbed just by being in that liquid. The sodium and other minerals are especially therapeutic if you have a skin condition firing up. I used to believe that travel makes everyone a little uglier. I was wrong, but a lot of people still don’t look after their skin when they’re overseas or on the road. Just get comfortable, drink more water when you’re in dry and tight spaces, and go for a swim when you can. And keep that diet on point. It’s all about feeling good. Peter Matthews has been to three continents, dozens of beaches and on one plane with unlimited tea. He’s a tea guy even though he lives in Melbourne where coffee is winning. His favourite B vitamin is B6, the one that can give you vivid dreams.

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