How To Reduce Toxins From Your Body & Detox Your Skin

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We hear so much about detox diets and how it can really help cleanse the toxins out of the body as well as improve digestion but is it possible to do the same with your skin? Can you actually cleanse out toxins and waste from your pores and start fresh for the season? Well, the answer is ys you can! Find out more on how to reduce toxins from your body with my top tips for your skin detox today!

Morning Lemon Juice & Tons and Tons of Water!

Now first things first, I am a big believer that healthy skin starts from within, so drinking water is a necessary way to achieve a clearer complexion. And so to kick start the digestion and cleanse the system, try squeezing half a lemon in a cup of hot water (drink this before breakfast). I know keeping hydrated can be a real chore but trust me it helps eliminate the dirt that clogs your pores, giving you a more cleansed and moisturized face! Staying hydrated can also help combat the risk of pimples popping up and helps fight those tired eyes, which is actually a sign of dehydration (bet you didn’t know that did ya J )! I’ve always thought of water as an essential beauty product that you need on a daily basis, so if you can, try to and aim for 8-9 glasses of water per day and I can promise you, that your skin will look healthier and vibrant for the coming seasons!

Eating Healthy and Organic

Part of the skin detox process is limiting the number of toxins you’re taking in. This includes; conventionally grown fruits & vegetables that contain unpleasant chemicals, processed foods with artificial flavours and conventional meat and dairy, which contain the highest-risk foods for contamination through antibiotics, added hormones, and other drugs. I know buying organic is expensive but at the very least look for products that are certified free of hormones... Your body will thank you for it... trust me! And be sure to include plenty of detoxifying foods such as beets, artichokes, cabbages and seaweed!


Did you know sweating from exercise helps get rid of toxins from your body? That’s right, so try some your favorite forms of exercising at least 3- 4 times a week or sweat it out yoga! In addition, exercise will boost your energy, keep you fit and strong and keep the blood flowing so you can have a flawless rosy appearance! But just remember to stay hydrated and grab a bottle! Natural Skincare There are many commercial skin products out there that contain toxic ingredients like parabens, PEGS, fragrances, mineral oils and more. The scary reality is that these ingredients can congest your skin, making your acne worse and could affect your health and sense of well-being- either negatively or positively. I always recommend natural skincare products to all my friends and family because when you eliminate synthetic and toxic products from your skincare routine, you’ll notice that your skin will naturally improve over time. And I’m not just saying this so you can buy more products, I’m saying this because I genuinely care, because I too have battled with acne and since acne can strike at anyone at any age, it is always important to start with what ‘’ingredients’ that enter your bloodstream! If you can try to look for products that contain Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and French Green Clay, these nutrient-rich ingredients increase circulation which helps remove toxins from the skin. And in case if anyone is wondering, I always use SkinB5s product range, I just can’t get enough of their skin purifying mask! The Reef Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera, and French green clay really help to draw out impurities and bacteria from the skin's surface, giving you a healthier and fresher look. Then if you want to give your skin an extra boost, add SkinB5’s light weight moisturizer for radiant and glowing skin and also because of your definitely worth it!

And Lastly Stay Positive

Staying optimistic and smiling will naturally give you a healthy glow. I am a big supporter of positive words and affirmations! I really feel they have the ability to change our lives for the better. Just remember you are beautiful no matter what! Don’t give anyone the power to make you feel inferior and instead of worrying about a few small pimples or lines, learn how to love yourself for you because a positive outlook will make you look even more attractive. So before I go, I’d like to leave you with my favourite quote ‘’ Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in’’. Farah has been using SkinB5 for two years now. She is an advocate for natural and organic beauty products, healthy living and a self-proclaimed whole foods enthusiast. Her passion for health and beauty stems from her personal experiences dealing with problematic skin and now she wants to help others learn her secrets to flawless skin from the inside, out.
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