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Mother’s Day is all about showering love on that special woman who wiped away your tears, shared in your achievements, and taught you about the world from day one. It’s the perfect excuse to squeeze in some beauty pampering time between you and your mum to bond over the years past and the amazing adventures ahead. This Mother’s Day, why not try out SkinB5’s 5 Minute Skin Purifying Mask? Read on the learn more about this gentle and holistic gem.

Why The 5 Minute Mask?

SkinB5’s 5 Minute Skin Purifying Mask is not only a powerful weapon to keep on your bathroom counter all year around, but it is especially great to whip out for both Mum and you on her special day. It packs so much skin cleansing, purifying, and soothing goodness in only 5 minutes, which makes it the perfect skin care for acne, blemishes, and fine lines.

Naturally Powerful Ingredients

Gone are the days where you need to spend the earth on products that contain hidden nasties when having a beauty pamper session. Because of the mask’s holistic ingredients, it is ideal for all skin types. The mask plays an integral part of SkinB5’s system of natural tablets, caplets, cleansing mousse, and moisturiser, all of which help heal and purify the skin with only naturally powerful ingredients – no synthetics required. ­­­­­The mask contains vitamin B5 (a star ingredient in SkinB5’s complete system), which works to control the skin’s oil production and assist in soothing the skin. This is particularly important if your or your mum have pores that clog easily and are prone to consistent breakouts. On top of this, the mask contains eucalyptus oil and French green clay to ensure spots are targeted with antibacterial properties. Vitamin E is another soothing ingredient which makes SkinB5’s mask perfect for both the young and the young at heart. As air pollution increases and our lifestyles become more hectic, it is common for young adults to experience fine lines and blemishes. Vitamin E helps combat this by evening skin tone and decreasing the appearance of ageing and imperfections. It also contains antioxidant properties, which helps protect against damaging sun rays. Similarly, the mask’s use of gingko extract, which is high in antioxidants, produces collagen, firms the skin, and protects against harmful UVB rays. The mask continues to transcend age barriers thanks to its use of horsetail extract. This ingredient contains more silicone than any other herb, which means it is able to heal the skin and work as an astringent so you and your mum can notice improved skin elasticity and the tightening of pores. Another naturally powerful ingredient is the sustainably harvested Australian Great Barrier Reef sea minerals, which work to encourage cell renewal by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores – a vital step in skin care for acne.

A Mother’s Day Bonding Treat

So how can you create a truly decadent experience for your mum this Mother’s Day? First of all, start by recreating a spa-like experience. Play some soothing music and brew a calming cup of tea (like chamomile) before you both hop into some fluffy robes and slippers. Once you’re both feeling relaxed, carefully rub a small amount of the mask onto cleansed skin and leave for 5 minutes. An added bonus is the mask’s bergamot oil that releases a calming, citrus aroma; just what Mum needs on her special day! Once the mask has been on for 5 minutes, wash, pat dry, and moisturise with SkinB5’s Acne Control Moisturiser. If you’re heading out to lunch or dinner later on, always make sure you wear natural products, especially gentle and breathable makeup for acne sufferers if either of you has problem skin. How will you treat your mum this Mother’s Day? Renee Meyer Headshot Renee is a 20-something writer who has a love-hate relationship with fictional characters. If she doesn’t have her eyes glued to the big screen, you’ll find her chasing sunsets by the water. Having grown up with sensitive skin, she’s passionate about sharing and celebrating natural products that really work.
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