What foundation is suitable for acne?

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‘Laying the foundation’ for a flawless look is one of the trickiest tasks with makeup, especially for acne-prone skin. Foundation creates the base of our canvas, and whether you use it daily or for special occasions, there are some helpful things to know when it comes to choosing the right one for your skin type.

Different types of foundation

  • Oil-based liquid foundations are suitable for dry to normal skin and can be useful as a heavy coverage for blemishes. Heavy oil-based liquids can sometimes cause blocked pores and may worsen acne so it may not be an ideal choice for everyday wear.
  • Water-based liquid foundations provide a lighter coverage for oily to normal skin, however, the water-based liquids have a habit of evaporating and therefore have the potential to not provide an effective all-day coverage.
  • Mineral foundations are a very effective for all skin types and are the most suitable for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. Mineral makeup contains micronized mineral particles. The liquid will give you a medium coverage, and the powder provides light to medium coverage depending on how many layers are applied. The powder can be used over the top of liquids or concealers for a more flawless blended look.

The benefits of a mineral makeup

Mineral makeup generally has less harmful ingredients & irritants and is considered to be non-comedogenic. The natural mineral particles are less likely to block pores and are therefore a better option for people who are prone to breakouts. I consulted with some beauty therapists and makeup artists, and all agreed that mineral makeup is the foundation of choice for the most perfected skin-like natural look. Mineral makeups don’t tend to contain the myriad of chemicals that are often seen in liquids. Non-mineral liquid makeup can contain mineral oil, parabens, thickeners, preservatives and other nasties. Besides being potentially irritating for the skin, these ingredients are also not ideal for your overall health. Remember your skin is the largest organ and absorbs what we put on it! Always make sure you check the ingredients in everything, including the mineral powder as well, because some powders contain talc and fragrances.

Using moisturisers with your makeup

Foundation should be applied to the skin on top of a moisturiser, especially if you have dry skin. The moisturiser helps prevent makeup becoming patchy and gives the foundation a base to hold to. Using a primer over your moisturiser is a good consideration if you want more longevity out of your look, as it helps foundation adhere to the skin even further.

A few hints & tips

If you want to give yourself a ‘dewy’ look you can combine your mineral powder with a light moisturiser – Skinb5’s Acne Control Moisturiser is a perfect combination to use with powder for blemish-prone skin. You can mix the moisturiser with your mineral foundation in the lid from your powder, and apply with a liquid foundation brush. Natural bristled brushes are better to prevent breakouts as they are more effective to clean and have less potential for bacteria to build up on them. Whether you use natural or synthetic brushes, make sure you are zealous about washing your makeup brushes to prevent the spread of bacteria. Dirty brushes are a common cause of pimples and should be washed very regularly! Thick liquid foundation is not the best coverage for blemished skin as it tends to make the problem worse at the end of the day. You should chose a natural liquid mineral makeup instead and spot-conceal with a small dense brush for an extra layer over blemishes, and finish with a mineral powder. Remember to always ALWAYS use clean hands & brushes! Haley is a passionate Naturopath & nutrition expert, writer, and mum of 2 young children, with years of experience in the industry. She is a known as a real 'nutrition nerd' and follows the latest natural health research. As a Paleo and raw food enthusiast, she coaches people in healthy living, beauty and positive mindset. Haley has personally experienced the benefits of the SkinB5 natural acne treatment system and is happy to offer her guidance to help others regain clear skin. Follow her blog at www.aliveinwonderland.com & link with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aliveinwonderlandhealth
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